Blogging to make life a little brighter, one everyday celebration at a time.

Usually reeling from the effects of her last deep-tissue massage, Laura, a a true native of Montgomery, Alabama, is still the proud mother of two beautiful daughters (one of which won’t friend her on Facebook) and two dogs (Scooter Dixie Jackson and Trevor Chase McPooch).  Somehow she manages to hold down a full time consulting  job in spite of her degree from The University of Alabama, and is right proud of that fact.

Laura is 5′ 11″ tall, weighs a mere 129 lbs., has sparkling blue eyes and long, blond, tastefully-highlighted hair.  She enjoyed her life as  an international runway model prior to motherhood, and these days she enjoys life in spite of motherhood.  Her favorite places are her magnificent vacation home on St. John, USVI, and on her ridiculously large yacht in the Mediterranean.  Her favorite hobby is hosting afternoon teas for visiting rocket scientists and their spouses. White gloves and tea sammiches – yes-siree bobtail!

OK – I just made most of that last paragraph up.

She can make her own clothes, but doesn’t (that part is really true).  She writes this blog because she comes across so many fun things to learn about in everyday life, and and so many neat people doing neat things, and she truly believes there is much to celebrate in everyday life (in spite of the crap you see on the news).

And yes, “She” is writing this About in the third person.  She finds this odd, even now.

Please remember to Celebrate something Everyday!

You are also welcome to email her at  “She” may answer – you just never know. 🙂

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