There are all kinds of everyday celebrations – they don’t have to involve written invitations or food or favors – an everyday celebration can just be a sharing – something a bit uplifting.  So as part of my on-going campaign to help make life a little brighter, one little everyday celebration at a time – I’m going to share reads here that I enjoy.  I hope you do, too!

I don’t know who writes this blog – but they have such a handle on “quirky” – and they seem to share a love of  celebrations (and nice little favor ideas – really neat!) – check it out at

These people write neat stuff about food, and I love food.

Are you a big Twitter fan?  Twitter is almost like a newsfeed these days – connect with the right folks and you have what is essentially your own magazine – chock full of tidbits about things you’re really interested in, updated constantly.  I like these.  Maybe you will too …

@followmefoodie  – writing from Vancouver, she loves food.  I love reading her stuff.

@eatocracy – beyond loving the name – this is CNN’s food blog.  ‘Nuff said.

@dwell – since I’m apartment decorating these days, I love keeping up with their designs! So fresh!

New to Twitter?  Want to check out my suggestions before you follow?  Go to, and plug in the @<whichever> above and see a stream of their latest posts.  Then follow, if you’re interested.

(this is me, just making suggestions again)