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I’ve explained just how rancidly Southern I am before.  If you missed it – here’s the Reader’s Digest Version:

  • One of my earliest ancestors disembarked from the first slave ship into the Colonies in early 16-somethings.
  • Her husband beat her here by a generation, and they both live on in infamy on a wall in Jamestown, not for being an interracial couple, but for having a child out of wedlock.  Pick your battles, I guess.
  • The rest of my family tree blew over with the wind shortly thereafter, landing in Virginia and South Carolina – nesting near the harbors, then migrating south. Never north, always south.
  • Here’s the kicker – the closer I get to the Mason-Dixon line, the more nosebleeds I get.  Living in North Carolina for a few years almost killed me.

Yep, I’m Southern through and through – and there ain’t nuthin I can do about it except accept the genes (graciously, of course) and move on.

So the genes release unbridled glee when  Garden & Gun arrives.  Don’t know Garden & Gun? Honey, you are missing a treat! The editorial content is always mesmerizing – no matter where you live.  Beautifully illustrated and scrumptuously written, there’s deep, dedicated love and understanding for all things Southern on every gorgeous page.

The latest edition boasts a feature that  makes me want drop right down and roll in pig slop – The Made in the South Awards 20 Craftsmen, Entrepreneurs and Artists who are making things right Amen, sistah!


Sharecroppers, Circuit Preachers, and Moonshiners – Oh My!

Yep, that’s my family line – so call me an expert on mastery of “makin sumpthin outta nuthin.”   A handmade quilt at Christmas, a lovely centerpiece crafted from dried grasses and the dried seed pods of a money plant found wild in the woods (yes, there is a money plant).

So thank you Garden and Gun, for unearthing the exquisite, natural craftsmanship of Low Country Originals, out of Bluffton, South Carolina.  OMG! Please don’t tell me you thought empty mussel shells were compost!  Low Country Originals crafts the lowly (and plentiful) bivalvia mollusca into awesome lighting accents for your home – just look!

Really – mussel shells step out of the shadows.  And when combined with rustic iron – artsy meets eco!  And if you’re thinking “yard art” here, try this on for size…

Celebrating genius from Low Country Originals today – so Southern, so unique, so personally perfect!

Please remember to celebrate something everyday (or in this case, celebrate when everyday steps it up a notch!)

Oh – and Garden & Gun c’monSubscribe.  🙂


OMG and now you’re having to tolerate my gushing again.  So Sorry!  But I love this magazine almost better than fresh black-eyed peas over mashed potatoes with ketchup. Seriously!  Try it sometime! (Heinz ketchup only, fyi) 

And in order to realize my new life goal of having a copy of this exquisite tome arrive at my house every other month for the rest of my life, I must share it with you. 

You can click on the cover above to go to their website and get a nifty taste of the pure reading joy they offer.  And, of course, if you’d like to move on over to the Subscribe or even the Give A Gift link, so much the better.

I do have a bone to pick with them this month.  My college writing professor (a man who still haunts the occasional nightmare), is featured.  I knew him for two excrutiatingly long semesters some years back at the University of Alabama as a professor (OH!  YOU MUST TAKE HIS COURSES!  HE’S “PUBLISHED”, AND HE HAS AN AWARD!),  and still remember him to this day as the one person responsible for my not pursuing the dream of being a journalist.  (OK, him and my low, teen-aged-girl self-esteem). 

He’s referenced as the William Faulkner of the New South.  You make your own decisions.  I’m pretty secure in mine.

That aside, please read and eat every single thing in the food section.  Enjoy the exquisite photography and the smoky Southern prose.  And subscribe, if you’re so inclined.  It is truly a joyous thing to hold in your hands.

Celebrating Garden & Gun magazine again.  I hope you share the love!

And please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!   (in spite of your college writing professor…)


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