I thought this was the cutest thing!  And that cutest thing made me think – so I’ll share.

 We did a surprise visit to an apartment complex – the college grad and I – on a whim today.  It was nice, but pricey, so we didn’t go beyond the leasing office.

But inside the leasing office, they had an “Earth Day” promotion going on.  No, I’m not going to go getting all “waste not want not” on you – but it did make me think.  They were giving away nice cloth totes (all the rage in the grocery stores these days) with the apartment logo, and a teeny tomato plant, ready to be nurtured, plus some pretty good tips on doing your part to save the environment.

So I’ll share some myself, because we all can use a little reminder now and again.  Here are some easy tips for creating your own, personal earth day celebration EVERYDAY compliments of DivineCaroline.com – check out Fifty Tips!  Easy – and earthly-thought-provoking.

Please remember to celebrate something everyday – and this week – give some thought to celebrating Mama Earth 🙂

PS – Earth Day 2011 is Friday, April 22nd, btw.  Think eco! 🙂