Please tell me if you know one person on the face of this earth who doesn’t go into absolute happy-fits when they see a ladybug – seriously – do you know of just one?

If you do, then you’re a rare bird because these little bright red orbs of delight never cease to pop a happy into my day.  And did you know that these little boogers pack a boat load of symbolism underneath those shiny red wings?

Here’s your history lesson for the day:

Throughout the centuries, ladybugs have always made farmers happy, as their arrival announces a huge decrease in the aphid population.  Keeping it simple here, no aphids = no crop damage = more crop yield = more produce = more income and fuller bellies.  Good start, no?

The whole world seems to have a happy connection with ladybugs!

* The Irish view ladybugs as a symbol of protection (although they’re not big enough to hoist a shotgun on an intruder or anything).

* Asian lore says that if you catch a ladybug and release it, this crafty little critter will fly off to find the love of your life, whisper your name in said life-love’s ear, and hence inspire them to find you and proceed to commence establishing a love connection that will last forever (or something along those lines)

* There seems to be a Swedish belief that if a ladybug lands on a girl’s hands and begins to crawl, it is measuring her hand for wedding gloves and she will marry soon.

* In the Burgundy region of France, it is believed that if a ladybug lands on a woman and she counts the number of spots on its back, this will fortell the number of children she will have.

Protection, good luck, good weather, good marriage – this little bug inspires wonderful thoughts around the world.  So why not greet your out of town wedding guests with a Love Bug Welcome Bag! (Oh my we’re going to have fun with this one!).

Let’s center this bag around one special take-away favor – Love Bug Magnets!  They come packaged in the cutest little picket fence box and their spots are hearts!  How perfect! And you can find them for under $3.00.   Practical, cute, useful, colorful and filled with love and luck!

If you’ve got tons of money to throw around, you can find a million seven different lady bug-themed products to buy.  But if you’re like most of us, you want to do something cute and special and full of lasting memories without breaking what’s left of the bank.  Let’s make a stop at the local arts and crafts store to get started…

You’re going to need to pick up a few small, white craft shopping bags.  They’re pretty cheap, and if you’re buying in bulk – say, 50-100, find the manager and ask for a discount.  Shoot, worst he can say is no, right?

And we’ll need to decorate the outside of that bag.  Here are a few suggestions:

Buy a ladybug craft punch (you can order one from HSN).    Punch a ladybug border around the top, then fill the bag with  red tissue for that peek-a-boo ladybug effect.  OR, you can punch bugs out of red craft paper and glue them around and about the bag.

Buy some black and white polka dotted craft ribbon.  It’s pretty cheap, too.  Glue it in a border around the top of the bag, or use doublestick tape.  Here’s a hint – cut the ribbon just a bit longer that the diameter of the bag, then fold each end under at the point where the ribbon meets.  Too much troube?  Then tie a loopy bow around one of the handles – that works well, too! 

Purchase some craft foam in red and black, and make yourself some easy Ladybug critters to adorn your gift bag.  Or cut out a ladybug tag, poke a hole at the top, and write a little welcome note for your guests using a white pain pen – perfect touch!


Now for the contents!

Get some green shred from the craft store – or use green tissue to cushion your contents.  Green complements red – and makes the whole presentation POP!

  • Candy’s always nice for a quick pick me up – chocolate ladybugs anyone? These are available from The Chocolate Store.

  • Want to add that straight-from-the-heart homemade touch?  Ladybug cookies!  Here’s a cute idea (plus recipe) from Taste of Home.

Finishing up…

Add a couple of bottles of water, a free map of the city from your local Chamber of Commerce,  and you’re wedding welcome bag is ready to go.

How fun!  And see – you don’t have to load it up with stuff – just a few, thoughtfully creative goodies and you’ve said your “Thank You” in a truely heartfelt way!

Celebrating Ladybugs and Good Luck for your wedding today!

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!