Ho-Ho-Ho!  I just read Reality Steve.  This caused me to want to talk about Christmas because Reality Steve just informed me that Bachelor Jake might only be 5’8″ tall.  Being 5’11” and, now quite suddenly, a former Jake devotee (yes, the husband knows), I’m crushed.

Which brings me to Christmas.  I really did do an eco-Christmas thing this year.  One teeny tiny live tree (or formerly live tree-before it was chopped off at the knees).  Home made ornaments (they’ve been around for a while), nature’s bounty provided the greenery (along with some old, non-homemade ornaments from the Dollar Store and some recycled ribbons from Christmas Gifts Past).  Here are the pics (and no, I’m still not a professional photographer so, well, sorry).

There’s actually all kind of memories and trips and gifts and Things from Gardens Past in those ornaments.  Maybe one day we’ll talk about them.  But not today.  I’m still crushed about Jake.

Who knew he was short?

Celebrating Christmas Memories today, as they briefly distracted me from my irrational heartbreak.

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday.