Holy crud! It took me a good ten minutes to convince me to go outside, get in the car, and drive 20 miles to work.  This is what greeted me in my 2008 Honda Refrigerator…

One would THINK that, with a few shivering minutes of car-warming that number would improve.  Oh no.  Down to 16 once the wheels began to roll.

Then there was the gas station.  Lucky in the draw this morning, I needed gas.  Local Citgo.  Plug in card, remove v e r y  s l o w l y (my little act of rebellion at the gas pump – makes me happy).  Punch in billing zip code.  Stupid screen says “flip lever, see cashier”.  One quick check reassures me that there is no lever.  60 yard walk to the cashier in his little cage (he was inside, I was outside).  Mildly apologetic and blamed gas pump issue on weather (o-yeh-shure).  Click, click inside the heated cage – look, cock head – click click he goes again while I try to graciously remove the icicle from my nose.

“Now – we should be good!” he says proudly – completely ignoring the fact that he’s inside and I’m outside so there’s really no “we” to “good” at the moment.

They tell me the wind chill is ten.  I think it’s more like one,  heading south.

60 yards back to the car.  Pump no workie.  60 yards back to the cage.  More clicks, more head cocks – “Try it now”.

60 yards back to the car.  Pump no workie.  60 yards back to the cage (I notice that he’s mysteriously disappeared from view).  Walk up to window, look down, he’s on the floor adjusting the heater.  This is so not funny.  I knock on window.

“Hey!  This is not a fun game and I don’t want to play anymore!”

The head cock this time was combined with a scowl, not from empathy but from the dawning knowledge that he’s going to have to come outside with me.  Karma sucks, doesn’t it?  But sometimes it sucks for other people, and that makes it periodically fun.

He dashed the 60 yards to the car, fiddled with the pump and the buttons at lightening speed, dashed back to the cage (I’m catching on by now – I haven’t moved) – passes me without saying anything – goes back inside to his heater and says through the little speaker – “Try it now”.

I did.  It worked.  I’m here and with that we end our temporary blog hiatus with renewed vigor for an interesting 2010.  Here are my New Years blog resolutions:

1.  I will blog at least once a week (probably more – but I don’t want to set the bar too high.  Might be other interesting things I need to do “out there”.)

2.  I will remain positive about everything no matter what the cost.

3.  I will try my darndest to provide you with interesting content.  (Unfortunately, that actually means what’s interesting for me – but maybe you’ll like it?)

So Joyeux 2010 to all and remember – we’ll be trying to Celebrate Something (interesting, not interesting, benign, totally kool – you name it) Everyday!