If you’re reading this, then you survived Thanksgiving.  Hope it was great for you.  Here’s the short list from mine (and also an apology of sorts for not posting in FOREVER):

  • We hosted
    • Which means two pre-Thanksgiving weeks of mad cleaning and cooking
      • Husband will happily quote my mantra during that time for you – “If it’s considered a SURFACE, honey, CLEAN IT!” (he is now traumatized by base boards, btw – his therapist is DElighted!)
  • 11 guests, 3 dogs, 2 kittens
  • 1 awful, awful, awful computer virus that took 7 days to fix (a HUGE thank you to the developers of Security Tool virus.  I hope you rot in some truly nasty, hot place for 15 years without water or food while having to stare at the same Viagra ad you kept popping up on my computer every single solitary day – seriously).
  • Menu:
    • Appetizers:  veggie tray, fruit tray, stuffed brie (Thank You Whole Foods), Georgia Peach and Vidalia Onion spread (thank you creme cheese – you will always be my most trusted friend), Marinated Shrimp Salad with artichoke hearts
    • Main Event
      • Turkey and Ham
      • Mama’s dressing (there is nothing like it on this earth – passed down from generations and I still don’t know how to make it)
      • Cranberry sauce and cranberry relish
      • Two – count ’em – two kinds of gravy
      • Relish tray with black olives, sweet tiny pickles, corn relish, and mild chow chow (I am SO into trays at big feasts – adds color and yum-pop)
      • Stuffed eggs
      • Fresh creamed corn with roasted red peppers (email me for the recipe – amazing!)
      • Fresh pink-eye purple-hull peas (say that 3 times real fast)
      • Roasted asparagus
      • Sliced Tennessee Tomatoes (the Thanksgiving miracle – they were GOOD)
      • Marinated cucumbers
      • Garlic and rosemary mashed potatoes
      • Green bean casserole
      • Fresh, home-made crescent rolls
      • Sauerkraut (a concession I make every year in order to stay married)
    • And dessert – home-made pumpkin pie, fresh Georgia Mountain apple pie, chocolate bundt cake

Did I miss anything?  Probably.

Now as you may suspect, I’m a little testy right now looking for whoever made the nasty decision to cram Thanksgiving and Christmas into the last two months of the year.  But here’s what’s coming up –

  • Decorating the world’s tiniest live Christmas tree (after the above, I’m into small and quick-but-to-the-point)
  • Stalking orphaned-but-fully-developed Magnolia trees in Northeast Georgia – going natural with the decorations this year.  Pictures to follow.
  • An ornament exchange for the liddle kiddles
  • One big Holiday Feed for work (which will also include the aforementioned magnolia leaves and yes – pictures to follow)

So bear with me.  This year I’m the Anti-Consumer Christmas Decorations Warrior and I promise to bring you along on the journey.  Mama Nature offers waaaay too much good stuff for free.  You just need a glue gun and some determination.

Celebrating the crammed-together-holidays – and still trying to make them special while remaining sane (whatever the heck that is).

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!

I love the quirky turkey in the middle of the table.  Bought him two years ago at the Dollar Tree to take on the plane with us Thanksgiving Day as we escaped to Turks & Caicos.  His dollar-self will be with me forever!