• Doing some internet reading the other day
  • Found some interesting stuff
  • Brides are now doing a lot of wedding planning on the internet
  • There is lots of cool stuff out there to do it with
  • Brides like like lists
    • Short lists
    • Easy to understand lists
    • Web 2.0 kinda stuff
  • This is a list of places to go to plan your wedding on the internet
    • Not particularly short
      • I’ve never been good with short
    • Pretty easy to understand
    • I’ll probably flunk Web 2.0
      • I’m not real good with math, either

If you are not engaged yet but just wanna test the water …

castlewedding dreams

Dream like crazy!  Think about venues, modge-podge a wedding of your dreams! Or even if you are engaged, try the no-holds-barred approach and then pare back from there to suit your wedding budget.

  • Budget – Think Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – the sky’s the limit
    • You can worry about reality later


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