Update 10.16.2009 Thank goodness!  Someone who is a fabulous photographer kindly put pictures online that tell the story of last Saturday SO-SO much better than I could.  Please go here to feel the day up close and beautifully … http://www.michelepoole.com/lilysrun/.  And continue to pray.  Thank you.


One little girl, one cancer, one idea, one community, one commitment, one day – today.  October 11, 2009.  Vickery Village, rural Forsyth County Georgia.

It simply took your breath away.


When Kevin started organizing one month ago, he’d never done anything like this before.  He was hoping for at least 200 runners but he wasn’t sure how he was going to find them.


They ran out of race numbers today.  They started out with more than 350.  I’d say about half ran without a number.  There were so many running for Lily, running on Anderson Power, that we don’t know how many ran.

It was supposed to rain today.  It was supposed to be gray and drizzly and chilly.  The Big Guy who handles the weather knew what was going on, and he fixed it – not only for Lily, but for all those sincerely beautiful hearts he knew were coming.


Parents ran with their children, grandparents ran, we don’t know where they all came from, but we were all better for being among them.

Lily’s a little weak right now.  She just finished her second round of chemo a couple of days ago.  She wasn’t at the start of the race.  She has to be careful of germs.  But she was at the mid-point.  And she clapped for every single runner who passed by, and she said thank you.  Here’s what Lily saw …

house2The football team she cheers for.

house3Old friends.


New friends.

house6The Lily Guys.  Mr. L, Mr. I, Mr. L and, well, Mr. Y was a bit behind so Lily dashed out into the road and stood in as Mr. Y for the pic.

thkuAnd she thanked every runner.  Every single one.

Back down at the Village …

Lily’s Grandfather completely shaved his wonderful his head in solidarity with his beautiful granddaughter, and ended up looking mighty fine!

gradhair And there was a bake sale, people crafted Lily necklaces, there was a pumpkin patch, a lady made bows, there was a raffle, a silent auction, Falcons cheerleaders, Tech cheerleaders, bounce houses, face painting, a balloon clown, barbecue plates, hot dogs, pizza from Sidneys, specials from Cincos, t-shirts, gelato, a band, and so-so many generous and caring people.  Some knew Lily, some didn’t, but now they all know Anderson Power.


Tomorrow Lily starts stem cell treatment.  Whatever was raised today will be quickly spent on the special powers of the hospitals, the doctors, the nurses, the medicine.  Lily will carry the hearts and the encouragement from the awesomeness of today to help her through.   But please,  continue to pray.

One little girl, one insipid disease, one idea, one month’s work, one new community of support, one awesome day too unbelieveable to adequately describe for you.

Celebrating Lily’s Courage today. Please remember to Celebrate Everyday.

Vickery Village is a community in south Forsyth County, Georgia.  We’ve lost our visionary developer, we’ve lost good neighbors, we’ve lost delightful merchants all to the hardships of the current economy.  But we haven’t lost the one thing that makes this a very special place – each other.

There is absolutely no way to thank everyone for what happened today.   I’ll try, but I’ll miss somebody and I’m so sorry.

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