I’m going to put you out of your misery right now.  Hold a Baby on Board baby shower, and you’ll be swamped with great ideas and compliments.

There now – feeling better?  Here’s your list for baby shower success:

  • Here are your invitations.  Order them here.


  • Here are your decorations.

71181722v8_480x480_FrontYou can find them anywhere but use them as your theme color.  Here are some ideas!

Yellow daisy mums for flowers.

Yellow plates and napkins (think Dollar Tree here)

Put a B.O.B sign on your front door, one in the yard, three or so around your food table.  They’re bright little spots of fun color!

  • Here is your Baby on “Board” game (get it?)

Baby Pictionary – This game is based upon the original Pictionary board game. Before the shower, place words relating to baby activites and items on small cards. (eg: Changing a diaper, giving birth, feeding time) At the shower, create teams and give each one a dry erase marker and point them to the white board you’ve set up in the room. Let one member of the team see a card, then tell then to draw the word or phrase for their partners to guess. Use a timer or just play until someone guesses. When the time is up, the teams total up the number of words they have guessed correctly and the one who has the most wins a prize. (compliments of babybox.com – they have lots more games if you want to check it out!).

  • And here are your Baby on Board baby shower favors.  Waaaaaaaaaaay too cute and sure to be the talk of the party!


Now aren’t you smart? Get to shopping!

Celebrating all those new Babies on Board today (and the people that celebrate them).

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!