First off, let me acknowledge that I am NOT an authority on anything.  Well, maybe my children.  They are the best two girls a mother could ever wish for, and they are also beautiful and smart and lovely company.  Consider yourself informed.

owl city

I guess I do come up with a good idea from time to time – because I  get asked a LOT.  I don’t mind, and on this particular occasion, it was so much fun I thought you might like to hear about it.

My neighbor, Janice, has a daughter who’s a Chi O at The University of Alabama (Ramma Jamma yella hamma – oops!  You caught me!), who’s  maid-of-honor in a wedding soon, and in charge of the wedding welcome bags for the after rehearsal dinner.  Her Big Sister in the sorority is the bride, and the official Chi Omega mascot is an Owl. The bride is also having a “green” wedding (which is neat and super-trendy these days).

Since Janice knows I’ve done a few welcome bags for friends, she asked my humble opinion.


First I did a little research about Owls and Chi Omega.  In case you’re interested:

  • In ancient Egypt (and apparently Hindu and and Celtic cultures), Owls were something of a guardian of the underworld.  Creepy.
  • Native Americans were a little more practical with their owl symbolism, revering (is that a word?) them as a symbol of wisdom, foresight, and the keeper of sacred knowledge.  Here’s my question – how can this critter be associated with the “bird-brain” (after all, they don’t poop, they barf) and “keeper of sacred knowledge”?  Hmm…
  • Chi Omega uses the Owl as a symbol of wisdom and a commitment to learning and growing.  That one I can live with.

Research behind us, on to the grand ideas!


Whole Foods has the cutest (and cheapest) reusable grocery bags.  We picked this one, and you can get ’em for about a dollar each.  WONDERFUL START, no?

They come in two sizes.  Get the small one.  Less to fill.

Now we need some stuff.  First – an Owl Thank You note – and please, for heaven’s sake – hand write it.  That’s part of the gift – that you took the time to write a note.  Actually, you can just provide the words and get the bridesmaids to help with the writing.  Nobody’ll know the difference.

cardWhat do you say?  How about  ” <insert his name here> and I are so thankful that you are joining us to celebrate our special day.  Please know that just by being here, you’re making it a very precious memory for us.  Love (or whatever) <insert his name here> and <your name, of course>”

Now add something sweet.  If you’re in the notion, make these really cool owl cookies.  cookieAnd if you can’t find an owl cookie cutter around your town, click this pic and order one – it’s pretty darned cheap!


OK, bag, card, cookies and now you have to make a decision. Wet or dry?
A liquid of some sort is always welcome in a wedding welcome bag. If you’re giving it as a welcome surprise at the hotel check-in, then bottled water will work just fine. But if it’s at an after-rehearsal party, then you need to up the ante a bit. If your crowd is socially-drink-inclined, a small, personalized bottle of wine is very nice.

And since the labels are personalized anyway – have them add an owl to the label! 🙂 (click the pic to order)


Now, for the crowning glory, the icing on the cake, the jewel in the…oh, you get it.  Add one of these.  Yes, “Owl Always Love You” soap. Tre precious! And click the pic to order, since it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month.   This store sells Kate Aspen favors, and I’m sure you’ll have no complaints that 100% of the profits from your purchase goes straight to The Young Survival Coalition – who provide wonderful services internationally to young women who have or are recovering from breast cancer.  Give back!  How green!  sopa

Celebrating Chi Omega weddings and Owls today!

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!