Well, actually, not.  That wouldn’t be possible because Max is a dog and Mittens is a cat (although there’s probably some weird cloning operation going on somewhere as I blog).


But anyway, head on over to a new website for your Pets – MaxandMittens.com!  Lots of cute, clever, unusual and nicely priced pet goodies to pamper your pooch, care for your cat, and otherwise spoil your four-footed babies to death!

And just because you know me – use this coupon code to get 10% off your first purchase!  Never too early to shop for Kitty Christmas, and never too early for a little discount either, right?  Here’s the code to enter at checkout…


Celebrating  Max and his sidekick Mittens today (really cute blog on the site, too – click the graphic below to see it).


Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!