I must admit- first time I heard the word “Bunko” I conjured up all kinds of nasty, smoke-filled room thoughts of a back-alley kinda game played over bad beer by dubious personages.

I’m SO over that now and can proudly call myself a five-year Bunko addict.  What a great opportunity to get friends together for some mindless, gleeful fun!  And it’s my first-weekend-of-every-month November turn to host the party – filled with everybody’s card tables and food and conviviality!

This morning I’m planning ahead – and I’ll let you in on a secret.  Everybody walks away from my Bunko-hosted parties with a little gift, a favor if you will, because I want all my guests to take away a happy memory of our time together. Yes, my Cohorts in Bunko Addiction mean that much to me.

Since the point of the whole she-bang is to not spend a ton of money – I usually turn to Kate Aspen to find my favors.  There’s so much variety and the price is so right and the good ideas – well, my main complaint with Kate Aspen favors is that there are too many choices!  And here’s what it’s done to me today – Kate’s put me in a party-planning quandry.  Just follow me on this one…

bunko pizza nite

bunko pizza nite by everydaycelebrations on

Do I make it a pizza night theme?  A little merlot, maybe a chianti, some pizza (I make a good home made pizza – btw)?  Then I divide the rounds into quarters, and at the end of each quarter give one of these favors, like the “Slice of Love” to the highest score?  Then maybe a Grand Loser price of “Seasoned with Love” to the lowest score at the end?  That way more than one person goes home with a little bunko favor.  What do you think?

bunko - pink and brown

bunko – pink and brown by everydaycelebrations on
Then I got off on a “Girls Night Out” tangent.  We take pictures, always, of our little group at the beginning of each Bunko Night.  I thought I could gather those up and make a little album for each of us – and here’s the perfect little delictable to put them together.  It’s called “It’s a Girl Thing” and it’s perfect.  Then everybody would have a take-home gift, and I could root around and find some chocolate dice or something for “round” winners.  Like that one?

ice cream bunko party

ice cream bunko party by everydaycelebrations on

OK – one more.  How about a banana split theme?  We could do our half-time Bunko  Snackeroonie around my kitchen island – and load it up with ice creams and nuts and cherries and crushed pineapple sauce an whipped cream goodies, no?  Oh yes, and bananas.  I  have some cute dishes in the pantry that would work great.  Then I could use the Kate Aspen “Sweet Celebrations” S&P shakers and the Ice Cream Cone Timer and while we’re at it – would it be wrong to throw in the the “Love-sicle” soaps?  They’re kinda like ice cream, right?  Your thoughts appreciated.

Matter of fact, your thoughts are SO appreciated that I’m going to invite you to go to and make your own collage of Bunko-night ideas.  Look through the Kate Aspen Collection, snag your idea, use to drag in some more idea-inspiring goodies – and then send them to me at!  I’ve got a couple of weeks to spare before I have to commit to a Bunko Night theme decision, so let’s say you get your ideas in by October 21st at high-noon, and I’ll pick a favorite and award a prize! Here are the rules:
One entry per person. Oh shoot, scratch that- as many as you want.  Entry must include favor ideas from, combined with a party theme.  Entries will be reviewed by an independent judging panel consisting of me, and a winner will be selected on October 21st, 2009, sometime in the afternoon, EST.  Award notification will occur on this blog sometime thereafter, probably after dinner, and I will then send you a prize!  How’s that? I don’t know what the prize is yet, but I promise it will be something cute!

Celebrating good friends, Bunko parties, and your good ideas for party themes today!

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!
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