Let’s go down this road!

It’s your turn to do Thanksgiving – your first time as a couple!  Set your own traditions, show your own style, make sure your guests experience something modern, contemporary, totally new and completely delightful!

You don’t need fine china!

Oh no!  Plain old white dinnerware, available on the cheap at Target or Walmart, sets the perfect backdrop for your culinary delights.  Add a little contemporary color and pick up some colorful salad plates , then nestle those inside your white plates and pop in a nifty napkin, folded and embellished, smack dab in the center.


Make your own placemats!

Not as hard as it seems, actually.  Ever been to Ikea ?  They sell the neatest, contemporary fabrics at super-great prices ($5.99 to $8.99/yd).  Click the pic above for their website.  Cut out the rectangles for your placemats and, if you want to embellish a bit more, buy some coordinating ribbon at your local craft store and wrap around the edges, securing with fabric glue.


Exquisite take-home memories!

You’re the Perfect Pair, you’ve crafted the Perfect Thanksgiving Atmosphere, so be  sure to add the Perfect Thanksgiving Favor – exquisitely small, practical and useful, and guaranteed to be the talk of your Contemporary Thanksgiving Table!  Find these favors online, and in stores like Party City and Michaels, and A.C. Moore, priced just right for your Thanksgiving budget!

Celebrating a Contemporary Thanksgiving Table, set by The Perfect Pair!

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!