If you have more than one kid in school, about this time of year you start looking for practical yet economical teacher gifts by the boatload. Think about it – how many more apple-themed pins and magnets does one teacher need?

Teachers do appreciate a good thank-you gift no matter how small, as long as it comes from the heart and shows signs that you’ve given it some thought.

I would like to take you by the hand now and gently lead you to a place you’ve never thought to shop for teacher gifts. Ready for it? Party City! No kidding! I ran across this whole idea quite by accident in the wedding aisle at Party City, so now, as a veteran of 10K teacher gifts to date, I present 5 thrifty ideas to ease the trauma of teacher gifts:


Whisked Away!

The heart is the center of it all, and what teacher wouldn’t love to be whisked away by this ingenious little egg whisk? Retailing for under $2.00, grab an armload and head home to crank up the creativity! Find some cute recipe cards (or make your own – here’s a handy instruction site) and write up five of your favorite family recipes. Package in a nifty gift bag, tie with a bow – voila! Cute, clever, and financially correct!


And while we’re in the kitchen, here’s another one – check this out in the Baby Shower aisle …

About to Hatch!

I know, it LOOKS like a baby shower favor when you’re standing in the baby shower aisle at Party City, but stretch your imagination a little further here ladies!

cardFind these recipe cards on the Internet (or your favorite stationary store) and write up some egg recipes (casseroles, eggs benedict with your special twist – you’re catching on here, right?).

tonys Do you have a super-secret ingredient you like to use in your egg dishes?  Mine is Tony’s – add a container/bottle/package of your favorite spice to your gift, tie it all together in a nifty chicken-themed gift box or bag, and voila! Too cute! Grab an armfull of these and head home to the craft-zone!

scoopScoop of Love

Cute, no? But who can wrap up ice cream effectively? Well you can! Purchase a gift certificate from your nearest Dairy Queen or Bruesters, slip it under the organza bow on the Scoop of Love gift box and voila! (btw, you’re going to need a shopping cart now for all your Party City goodies!).

teaTea is for Teacher!

Tea Time heart-shaped tea infuser, combined with Celestial Seasonings variety pack celest– and hey – add a teacup if you’re so inclined.   Perfect for those drippy- nosed winter evenings!

sliceSlice of Love

I think you’re catching my drift here – add your favorite recipe for home-made pizza, any special spices that are cute and clever – or a gift certificate from your local pizza parlor.  You are just so darned thoughtful, now, aren’t you?  😉

Don’t have a Party City near you?  I’ve got your back!  Click the pictures to hot-link through to Favors In The City – Party City’s online store – they’ll ship everything right to your door!

Celebrating Stress-Free, financially feasible teacher gifts today.  Woo Hoo!

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!

with special thanks to …

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