I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty giddy about Grey’s Anatomy starting up again.  Lord knows I’ve been patting my foot long enough through the summer’s dreadful excuses for television shows.

Actually, that’s a lie.  I’ve watched very few of them.  Didn’t see the ads, didn’t become persuaded by odd product placement in just the right place.  Are you listening here, TV execs? Not watching crap, not boosting your Nielsen ratings, not being subliminally persuaded to buy your advertisers goods.

I think advertisers should go on summer hiatus, too.  Since we’re not buying their products, why spend the bucks?  Anybody out there catching my hint?  No ads, no show money very well might persuade somebody to do something?  Nah, never mind.  Who am I trying to kid?

But oh Thursday, September 24Two hour Grey’s Anatomy preview!   I’ll just park the microwave in the living room and continuously pop corn while I watch like a zombie.  Oh Joy!  McPopcorn while I drool over McDreamy and McSteamy and McEverybody on that McShow!  Waa Hoo!

Disclaimer:  My mama told me never to wish my life away, so I assure you (and her) that I will be dutifully busy until just that date and hour, so don’t worry.

ellen pompeo daughter 02

But did you know that Ellen Pompeo is having a little baby?  Like for real?  Like a baby girl?  She’s due in October and the parties have already started!

She and her husband, Chris Ivery, were married back in 2007 and have been living a full newly-wed life – traveling the world, sleeping in late, parties, tons of fun and now they’re ready to head down the parenthood path.  Good for them!

(warning – here comes my society-column voice…)

GUEST OF HONOR photo | Ellen Pompeo

Ms. Pompeo was recently feted at a baby shower hosted by her co-star and friend, Kathrine Heigl at Ms. Heigl’s beautiful Hollywood home.  Ms. Pompeo wore a sumptuous white summer dress which was the rave of the event, and guests offered gifts gorgeously enveloped in bright yellow and pink wrapping.

This is supposedly the back of Heigl’s house from the air.  Looks like they’re building a pool?

That’s basically all we know for sure, for now.  Guess my invitation got lost in the mail.  But never fear!  I have two perfect ideas for gifts, and I’m just gonna mail them to the studio.  She’ll love them no matter how they arrive – I assure you.  See what you think …

Baby MD – or McBaby MD – however you look at it, is perfect, don’t cha think?  Click the pic to find out where to buy, if you want one, too.

Prefer something more girly?  Try this on for size (and you can click the pic here, too!).

Baby McBallerina!  Too cute – waaay too cute – and priced just right.  So we can send both and not break the bank!


Celebrating September 24 and Ellen Pompeo’s upcoming October Baby Girl today!

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