LangleyCastle09 Ladies, ladies!  Listen up – I’d like to call our Princess Wedding meeting to order with a personal apology for canceling last week’s meeting so abruptly.  I honestly had no idea that Georgie would get into that unfortunate incident with his bicycle, and I simply had to accompany him to the hospital.  Please know I tried not to, but the taxi wouldn’t take him what with the blood and all that rubbish.  Good Lord knows I tried!  But the good news is that he should be able to walk again after rehabilitation, so we’re very grateful for that.

Now on to more exciting news.  The castle for today is a truly magnificent edifice built in 1350!  Yes, a genuine British antiquity!  So exciting!

Langley Castle

Northumberland – just south of Hayden Bridge

Just like our approaching marriage to the Prince will, Langley Castle has withstood the test of time!  As I mentioned, it was built in the middle of the 14th century by Sir Thomas de Lucy.  It was attacked and damaged horribly in 1405 by the nasty forces of Henry IV, but still stands today in all its glory as a luxury hotel on 10 beautiful and rolling acres.  Perfect for our plans!  Just look at the grounds, ladies!


And inside you’re transported on a magic carpet back to medieval times! A Fairytale wedding to end all!  But with the modern necessities, of course.


I found the catering menu for the Wedding Breakfast to be quite reasonable and delicious-looking.  Their executive chef will tailor the offerings to meet our special wedding requirements, which is jolly good since I know we all have silver-plate palates!  I found this sample menu on their website.  Very well thought out, don’t you think?


I so love the touch of the hand-made mints, don’t you?

And so, my dear companions and fellow princesses, we close the book on today’s castle wedding plan.  Langley Castle is a beautiful place, and we shall hold it in our hearts until our next meeting which, I believe, is at Trudy’s, isn’t it?  Yes!  Thank you!  Trudy’s at the very same time next week.  We’ll have another fabulous offering to consider.  Mind you, be on time!  Tea starts promptly at 4!

Celebrating proper English ladies and their dream castles today.

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