Maybe I’m jumping the gun here.  This is the South, Autumn doesn’t just pop up when August is done – but hope springs eternal and with the cool weather this morning, I’m hallucinating fall foliage and day trips to the North Georgia mountains.

I found a really cool site quite by accident and courtesy of the fine folks at the AJC that further enhanced the mood, which as you might guess, I’m going to share with you!

waterfall wedding

If you’re  planning a wedding or a family reunion, or just want to find a great place to getaway and love, love, love nature, find yourself a little cabin or bed and breakfast somewhere above the Forsyth County, Georgia line and settle in.  Map yourself out a little itinerary and start moseying around.  You can send me a thank you email later!

soapLittle picnics, little easy walks, mild to moderate hikes, and so much beauty abounds up here!  Why, just within spitting distance of my house, there’s this little jewel:

Pooles Mill Covered Bridge – Cumming, GA in Georgia

I think I’ve over-ruminated about Amicalola before, but here’s pictorial evidence as to why:

Amicalola Falls Georgia in Georgia

chairadirWithin a 30 minute cruise from Amicalola, you’ll find another hidden treasure:

Anna Ruby Falls – Georgia in Georgia

Head up I-985 or wander the backroads to this breath-taker:

Tallulah Falls Gorge in Georgia

pearAnd while you’re there, my suggestion for a delightful little meal is Isabelle’s on the Gorge.  Tasty, creative southern food in an amazing setting!  Get the Fried Green Tomatoes.  They’ll change your mind about the dish, I’m tellin’ ya!

(Matter of fact, if you want to watch a segment from a GPB broadcast about Isabelle’s – click here)

Celebrating Happy Hallucinations of Fall today!

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!

PS – and next week, we’ll be talking about North Georgia Wineries – Quite the Tour!