I apologize.  I needed a week to savor and ponder and mourn the passing of One Great Vacation to Paradise.  Now I’m ready to report.  I’ll try to make it quick, fact filled, and picture-pretty!

Great thanks to Delta for a lovely flight down, and for not scheduling anyone to sit in the window seat next to me – I had two seats with a view!  Excellent flight down, delicious free peanuts, friendly crew.  Also flew down with no less than 3 wedding dresses on board.  Told you this is a perfect place to get married.

Thanks also to Cyril E. King, for having the usual hot and humid welcome reception ready.  I’ve been enough times to learn not to accept the free rum punch at baggage claim.  It will slow you down if you have a ferry to catch.  It will also make you sweat more.  Also, duty free liquor at airport is duty free cheaper on-island at Captain Hooks (aka Sparky’s) in the town square, Cruz Bay.


Dispatcher funnels us into a cab.  Try to pass on the Red Hook ferry route.  Long, crazy, expensive drive through STT to Red Hook.  Cabbies prefer that one.  They make more money.  Opt for the Short Trip to Charlotte Amalie.  Ferry ride is slightly longer, slightly more expensive (10 buck pp as of this writing), but overall much cheaper than Red Hook.

To be honest, I did tear up as we approached St. John.  I love that island.  I want to live there.  However, I can’t figure out how to do that without the Rich Man I Was Supposed to Marry.  He just never showed up, dang him.

So as promised, once docked, the youngest and I leapt off the ferry and landed straight on the beach in front of the webcam.stjwebcamOne quick email from The Crackberry, and the moment was forever preserved in Screenprint.  Thanks Brookie!  I’m having it framed!  🙂


The fine folks (hi Marilyn!) from Caribbean Villas met us at the dock, took us to our Jeep, then lead us to our Villa, Hawksbill, perfectly situation above Great Cruz Bay.  Eau de Views!


DSCN1019DSCN1024 DSCN1027DSCN1087








Rent from Caribbean Villas.  We’ve used them before, and will use them again and again.  Incredible service.  Simply incredible.

The most inspirational room in the villa? 

It's a Party Shower, Mon! It’s a Party Shower, Mon!

 Now that I’ve made you quite comfortable in our villa, I’ll provide you with a quick food review, followed by a brief beach tour.

Food Review

Morgan’s Mangomorgan.  Coconut chicken soup.  Spend your last dime on it.  It’s that good. 


Skinny Legs, Coral BayDSCN1050DSCN1051. You can’t not go.  Eat the burger. Drink the beer or the Painkiller of the Day.  Buy the t-shirt, the hat, the sun visor, the coffee mug, and whatever else you see because if you don’t, you’re going to be mad.  And it won’t be their fault. 

No car?  Cab (kinda expensive, tho) or VITran (a true island experience, of the ilk to write home about).


Miz Lucy’s (also in Coral Bay).  If you could eat the scenery, it would be delicious.  Go.  But check with somebody and make sure she’s open.  You never know, and it’s quite the drive (or the VITran ride). 

Uncle Joe’s.  A shack, near the post office in Cruz Bay.  I can’t tell you more than that.  Part of the fun is in the finding.  Ribs with two sides.  Tastiest bargain in Cruz Bay!  Best for takeout.


  Saving the best for last, Lime Innlime.  Go.  Eat the fish, any fish.  Get the seafood sausage.  Key Lime pie for dessert.  Kiss the owner for me (but be careful, his wife is nearby). 


 DSCN1075  OMG – How could I forget Woody’s?  Happy Hour – Dollar Beer!  Shrimp on a stick.  Get the T-Shirt AND the shorts!

And for my Grand Finale …

Beach Tour 2009!

Encompassing Scott Beach, Maho, Turtle Bay, Maho, Francis Bay, Maho, Trunk Bay, Maho, Cinnamon Bay, Maho (guess the favorite!).


One last thing.  No thanks to Delta for that overcrowded flight back home.  AWFUL!  Six seats across in a plane designed for 4.  Leg room included only if you are under 5’3″ and weigh 36 lbs.  I dropped something on the floor.  I had to wait until the plane landed and everybody left to pick it up.  Gruesome.  I gave up a pleasant plane ride for some CEO’s swimming pool fund.  Hate it. 

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Celebrating St. John, USVI today. 

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!