I guess you know the American Icon of Late Night Fine Dining, Waffle House,  was established right here in Atlanta.  And it’s quite the happening place all over the Metro Burbs!  There have been Waffle House Weddings, there’s a Waffle House Museum (remember to call ahead), you can follow Waffle House on Twitter (o god) and now, quite naturally, we have a Waffle House Baby!  Yea! (?)

Here are the delightful details, compliments of the AJC.com!  Just click the icon > 

Hmm…Waffle House Weirdness.  Now why would they call it that?  There’s enough stuff goes on at those 10 million convenient locations that I think it’s becoming the norm.  Just ask Kid Rock!

So to welcome the new Waffle House Baby – we have some gifts you can send (because we all love babies and baby gifts) …

   We all know our little Waffle House Special Delivery is going to be one little Monkey, so how about a Monkey Magoo and Blankie Too – Personalized!

  I bet that little Waffle House Whippersnapper’s going to grow up to be a doctor, so let’s get him started off on the right track with the Big Dreamzzz Baby MD onesie.  Ain’t it cute?


 One order of Waffle House Baby To Go – wrapped up in a Nursery Rhyme blanket with keepsake matching luggage.  Shoot – this is perfect!

  And you know he’s going to get a little bit greasy, what with Mama stopping in for some of those Hash Browns, smothered and covered.  So let’s wash him up and snuggle his little Waffle House self in Finley the Frog’s hooded bath towel, complete with matching house shoes and wash cloth.  Perfectimo!

Fried, scrambled, smothered, covered, babies, wedding, late-night or early a.m., we love us some Waffle House!

Celebrating Waffle House Babies today.

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