Attention, please! 

Today we are all going to be Princesses together, as we whilst away the time eating crumpets, drinking a spot of tea, and deciding which castle in Jolly Olde England will host our Merry Olde Marriage Ceremony (civil, I think – haven’t figured that out quite yet).  We shall make this a weekly affaire, studying one castle per meeting, and we must always wear lace gloves to the table.  I’m quite sure, within the shortest of times, we shall be able to decide uponst the most perfect one.  Come along now!

Carlton Towers

Yorkshire, where they do the pudding

Oh me ladies!  I do not know how oldst this castle should be!  But they speaketh about it being aroundst before the Doomsday Survey was takeneth.  So I think that’s pretty ancient, which is cooleth.


It’s ok.  You don’t have to say anything – I know my mastery of the Queen’s English is amazing.  But back to our subject.  This gorgous castle can be yours and yours alone for, well, here are the terms…

An exclusive hire fee of £3,750 is chargeable. An additional £295 Civil Ceremony Fee is chargeable where applicable. Three Course Wedding Breakfasts with Tea/Coffee from £41.50 per head.
All special menus catered for. A deposit of £2,000 is payable on booking, the remainder of the estimated total is payable 6 weeks prior.

I don’t know English pounds, but I’m thinking this one’s at least 128 50-lb bags of serious cash, by the time you do flowers and all that.  But lest you furrow your brow – let me point out the menu selections available.  That will most certainly turn your head! Cheerio!



Should we decide to go with this venue, ladies, I believe we would find ourselves embarrassed if we were not to choose the “all items” optionfor canapes, so I believe that much has been decided, agree?  Good, let’s carry on then.



Oh My Word!  We just fed them an entire carriage-full of canapes.  I believe we should hold to the Goats Cheese Tart and that delicious looking Melon Platter, agreed?  Good – on to the main courses!


 Herb Filet of Beef will put on quite a show!  And how about the Roasted Pork for a second option?  Perfect!  It’s so nice when we all agree!  Now for the finale! 



Oh it would so help if we had some portraits of the offerings to look upon.  The selections are absolutely delectible-sounding!  Oh bother!  What about the Passion Fruit piece and maybe the White Chocolate concoction, would that be jolly good?  Very well.  Selections made!

Now it appears that our tea time has come to a conclusion.  Remember Princesses, next week, same time, but at Tilley’s cottage.  We have another round of castles to consider!  Cheerio!

And please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!