OMG!  Who on EARTH could forget that glamorgoreoumous black and white Givenchy gown on the fabulosemo Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina?  Can you not just SEE yourself in just that kinda thing for your wedding?

So here are a few pretty ideas for you to try on in your head…


Hint:  Maggie Sotero.  She’s got it going on!

So while we’re on a black and white wedding roll here, let’s look at some bridesmaids dresses to enhance your excellent black and white wedding gown decision …


Hint:  Have you looked at Coco Myles?  What a cool way to design your own bridesmaid dresses?

Oh yes, we must deck out the little flower girls, right?


Need an excellent source for beautiful flower girl dresses?  Try here  Lovely, extraordinary things!  Pegeen photography provided by

And because I’m such a nice person, I’m going to help with the reception decorating stuff, too!  Here’s your cake!


Now for the wedding reception decorations – some ideas for you!

Centerpiece by showlola1980.

  Here’s an idea for you DIY-ers.  White boxes, different heights, black organdy ribbon (available at your local craft store), a little rhinestone embellishment (found just about anywhere), and some white roses or peonies.  Delightful! (and cheap – have you priced centerpieces lately?)

And you’re going to need favors…



Yes, you can click the pictures if you’d like to know where to buy them.

So let’s do an inventory here:

  • Black and White Wedding Gown – CHECK!
  • Black and White Bridesmaids Dresses – CHECK!
  • Black and White Flower Girl Dresses – CHECK!
  • Black and White Wedding Cake – CHECK!
  • Black and White Reception Ideas – CHECK!
  • Black and White DIY Wedding Centerpiece – CHECK!
  • Black and White Wedding Favors – CHECK!

Good job!  (pats self on back)

Celebrating Black and White Weddings today.

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!