We arrive, high heels a-blazin, at Windermere Country Club, 6:45 pm EST – preceeded by a brief but blessed storm front that cooled the air to a delightful 85 degrees.  A beautiful venue of rolling hills and lucious golf-course greens, Skip’s perfect-touch talent for planning her special wedding day was apparent even before the ceremony began!


A fragrant field of rose petals awaited the grand entrance of the wedding party.


Oh the Skippiness of it all!  Little silver buckets of hot-pink roses tied with tiffany blue satin ribbon accented both sides of the aisle.


Once we were all seated, the processional began – and aren’t these the most beautiful color-pop of bridesmaids in tiffany blue?


The flower girl was Precious (and even came with a personal assistant – her Mom)


Isn’t she the beautiful bride?  Skip’s so little we jokingly called her wedding dress her “Wedding Sleeve”, since she’s all of a size-negative-zero.


Once vows were exchanged, the guests retreated into the clubhouse, where party libations were available while we waited for the photographer to finish her post-ceremony duties.  Here’s a picture of Pam from Paris Mountain photography.  She’s an awesome photographer and one of the friendliest I’ve come across.  It’s very clear from the smile on her face and the beautiful product she produces that she’s passionate and happy with her career (she did the beautiful cake pictures in an earlier post on this blog).   All you Atlanta area brides, remember Pam at Paris Mountain Photography – she’s awesome!


You’ll love this – while we enjoyed drinks and hors dourvres inside the club, there was a table set up with these incredibly clever golf ball place card holders – each little golf ball had a place card in the shape of a golf club head with our name and table number on it.  Inside the golf ball, a tea-light!  What a precious idea, and so perfect for the “Golfing” venue.  Each guest simply picked up their favor and took it to the appointed table!  Oh the Skippiness of it all!


Inside the dining room, the colors of the wedding reception centerpieces were breathtaking.  Just look!

center1skip    centerone     center2skip   centertwo 

Did you notice the cutest little aqua-filled jars on the table?  Another favor! 


And of course, the wedding cake was a masterpiece …


Oh I might be on gush overload here, so I’ll sum it all up for you – then we’ll all wait for the better pictures, which I’ll add as an update as soon as I get ’em.  You’re just getting a taste here.  It really was sublime!

A delicious meal followed:

  • Field green salad with Sweet Vidalia dressing (oh-so-yum!)
  • Dinner rolls with the cutest little butter balls on the side
  • Steamed seasonal veggies seasoned oh so perfectly
  • Roasted red potatoes
  • A deliciously tender chicken breast with a lightly fragrant sauce
  • Tender roast beef with horseradish sauce (of course!)


Mr. and Mrs. David Warchol have their first dance together – aren’t they just perfect!



And I guess the best part, which cannot be described in pictures, would be the stunning portrait of two fabulous families coming together for this wedding.  I’ve never met such warm and charming people.  They made us all feel like we were related, and that is the best wedding memory ever!

Celebrating the happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. David Warchol today!

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!

UPDATE!!!!  More pictures are available – yea!