Well quite honestly, if you’re me working next to Skip, then it’s a piece of cake, so-to-speak.  I’ve honestly never seen anybody so un-bridezilla in my life.  I keep waiting for her to melt down into a puddle of repressed frustration, and it’s simply not happening – AMAZING!

You remember Skip, and if you don’t – here’s a picture of the most romantic proposal on the beach in the Caribbean I’ve ever seen …


Yep, that’s David, down on one knee, surprising our Skippy with a beautiful ring and an even more beautiful proposal.  Down in the Caribbean.  Resort on the Dominican Republic.  Completely by surprise – planned it all himself, no less!

So now we’re 1 week, 2 days away from The Walk Down the Aisle.  And Skip’s cool as a cucumber.  Here’s a little taste of what’s to come …


Venue:  Windermere Country Club – right out on the greens in the beautiful hills of North Georgia.


Reception:  A sumptuous buffet inside the elegant country club.


Color Theme:  Tiffany blue and hot pink

Favors:  Miniature glass favor jars filled with Tiffany Blue jelly beans, highlighted with a perfect hot-pink customized label.

Michelle Mockalis

Maid of Honor:  Her twin sister, Michelle …..

who just happens to be part of why Skip’s cool as a cucumber right now.  Michelle’s been staying with her sister for the past couple of weeks, organizing things, making plans, running errands.  As they say, Twins Rock!   Michelle’s kind of a pro – she recently walked down the aisle herself and hey – is that hot pink I see in that picture?  Yep, twins!

So I’ll keep my eye on Skip for the next week.  She’s almost too good to be true!  And I promise to keep you posted!

  Are you using Tiffany Blue in your wedding?  Here’s another PERFECT  Tiffany Blue wedding favor for you.  Click on the pic to check out this elegantly precious miniature scented soap favor – too precious!

Celebrating the upcoming nuptials of Skip and David – 1 week, 2 days away!

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