Just a few puffy white clouds, perfectly blue sky, and a mild 80 degrees in the North Georgia Mountains at Waters Mill – who could ask for a more perfect setting for a wedding?


Beautifully preserved country farm touches nestled in rolling green hills.

a1  A Koi Pond, with the neatest water feature!  Water droplets slowly trickling down from the roof!

a2  The sweetest, perfectly natural little touches all over the place!


The ceremony is set right in the little valley just beyond the tree.

a1   a2  An exquisite arbor for the vows, with a babbling waterfall just behind.

a1  a2  A few pictures before the ceremony (I just love taking pictures of people taking pictures!)a1




Guests arrive …


Everyone is seated …


Flower Girl and Junior Bridesmaid – Ready!


Groom and his posse waiting on the hill …


Cue the strings!


Cue the procession!

I love this part – Mom and Dad gave the bride away.


And after an exquisite service and a brief prayer ….

Our Brookie became a Mrs!


Now I have to apologize.  From this point forward, I dropped the camera and just enjoyed the reception.  It was time to celebrate!

Here are a couple of pre-ceremony pictures of the reception decorations.  (Note:  wedding favors at ready!  Serious ooohs and ahhs over the super cute engagement photos encased therein – I saw some people sneak out with TWO!)



Here’s the skinny on the reception – while post-wedding pictures were underway, guests retired to a gorgeous setting under a 300 year old oak tree to enjoy cocktails and hors d’ouvres passed on silver trays.

Pictures done, we all drifted inside for the official introduction of the happy couple, followed by their first dance.  Then on to the buffet which was FABULOUS!  The menu?  Best I can remember (cause I was so busy just enjoying it) –

  • Beautifully grilled seasonal vegetables
  • Vidalia Onion Casserole (OMG, OMG, OMG how perfect!)
  • Candied Yams
  • A gorgeous breast of chicken served over rice pilaf topped with something creamy and delicious and a tad bit lemony
  • Simply delightful home made rolls
  • Two cakes – A three-tiered-square white brides cake with lovely fondant green trim, the hot pink and orange fresh flowers, and a gorgeous monogram rendered in royal icing – and the groom’s cake – a special surprise for Trent.  One bright yellow, Catepillar earth-mover of a tractor rendered in lucious Red Velvet – so cute!

A fabulous DJ got the crowd moving quickly after dinner.  Who would’ve thought we all knew the perfect moves for Brick House?  LOL!

Celebrating the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Trent Plott, today!  (they’re off on their South Florida Island Honeymoon – yea!).

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!  🙂