Brooke’s had a lot of bridal showers – great ones!  And she got a lot of really nice gifts.  But for some reason, huge fluffy bows and satin ribbons are not the order of the day anymore.  Gift bags and gift baskets don’t provide the plethora of materials usually needed for a bride’s rehearsal bouquet.

What?  What are you talking about?

Well, it may just be an old deep South tradition, but I grew up around The Ladies of the First Babitage Church (my toddler’s pronunciation just keeps sticking around – cute, no?).  And The Ladies of the First Babitage Church always, ALWAYS collected up the satin ribbon and big fluffy bows after a shower to make the rehearsal bouquet for the bride. 

Why, you may ask?  Well, there are several reasons:

  • Waste not want not
  • They’re just so pretty, why should they just get tossed away?
  • Brides need to practice their big day holding a bouquet, just like at the real event and (this one’s the kicker)
  • This practice bouquet holds the virtual best wishes and love of all the friends and family who’ve gathered to support and “stand up” for this couple.

Number four is the primary reason why I find myself looking at that little gaggle of bows and ribbon you see at the beginning of this post.  I’ve gotta make a bouquet – I said I would – and now it’s time to “woman up”.

Step one:  Figure out how to gather all this stuff together in some semblance of a bouquet.

  1. Go to Michaels
  2. Find the Bridal aisle
  3. Pick up one of these ugly things (they’re pretty cheap – and they look it).


Second step:

  1. Rummage around your house and find your scissors and your glue gun (and plenty of glue sticks)
  2. Dig out those twist ties you’ve been saving from the grocery store in the bottom of your dish towel drawer.  You know the ones – your husband complains about them and tries to throw them away, then asks for one to tie up his computer wires.  Yep, those.


Third step:

  1. Assemble everything in one, cleared spot.
  2. Kinda get an idea of what you have to work with ribbon/bow-wise.  Figure out how it won’t look simply ridiculous.
  3. Start cutting and twisting and gluing.  If you don’t like what you see, cut, twist and glue some more.  It’s going to work out just fine.  See?


Tah Dah!  Now I’m going to go make a couple for the bridesmaids.  But I wanted to mention one more thing here – keep some bandaids nearby.  Right now I’m typing with the last two fingers that don’t have glue gun blisters. 😦

Celebrating the upcoming nuptials of Brooke and Trent next Saturday with virtual ribbon and bow wishes from their friends and family!  Water’s Mill – in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains and yes, I will post pics!

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!


A great little treat for your bridesmaids!  Click the pic to learn more!  🙂