God bless her.  She’s been through so much just to get to this point.  But Brooke’s charging ahead and we’re about two weeks away from The Big Day!  Let’s look at the Done part of her To Do list:

  • She’s had her final dress fitting and they had to take it in – again!
  • The bridesmaids are outfitted (so are the Mamas)
  • All the showers are over (and she had a bunch!)
  • Flowers are picked – centerpieces selected – she didn’t kill the florist (and that’s a good thing!)
  • Pastor’s been consulted and counseling successfully completed
  • Favors are done – I’ll show you a pic in a minute
  • She survived Bridal Boot Camp – lost the desired amount of inches (not that she really needed to lose any – but I guess it’s just a rite of passage?)  We’re hoping her sprained ankle (the result of one too many long distant sprints at 5 o’clock in the a.m.) heals nicely in time for the wedding.  Otherwise, well, does anyone have a source for a tasteful yet understated white satin-trimmed ace bandage?
  • And the venue – oh the venue!  This part I’ll share in detail because it’s the absolute, perfect choice for this happy couple!


Brooke is from South Georgia and Trent is from the North Georgia Mountains, so a beautiful but rustically elegant setting was the order of the day when they started Venue Hunting.  It took a few weeks and a few drives, but they fell in love with Waters Mill outside of Dahlonega.  I think you’ll understand why when you look at these little snapshots.


 Let me tell you – Rhonda and her Waters Mill staff have it all under control – which is HUGE for a couple planning and paying for their own wedding!   Brooke says they are eau so easy to work with – and they truly understand flustered brides!

Need a florist?  They’ve got one for ya!  Cake?  Yep – they can handle that, too.  Details?  They handle all the details.  Want to get married outside or inside?  No big deal, they have sweeping vistas outside and beautiful settings inside.  Worried about the liddle kiddles attending?  You’ll love this – they have a special “Kiddie Corral” (my terminology, btw) where the children can play games and have tons of squealing fun away from the adult celebrations, all under carefully trained supervision!  And the food – oh swoon.  Everything is cooked fresh right there at the facility!


You might be thinking about your guests driving all the way to the middle of beautiful nowhere and then having to drive waaay back home after the festivities.  If so, stop it now!  Waters Mill is just a stone’s throw away from Amicalola Falls State Park.  They have individual cabins and one whale of a big, beautiful lodge atop a gorgeous mountain above the falls.  And you guessed it, here are some snapshots for you …


Even if you aren’t involved in a wedding, Amicalola Falls is just an hour north of the ATL, and there’s breathtaking scenery around every single solitary corner!  And be sure to head up to the lodge for lunch, because they have one awesome buffet there daily – and the view – oh, just go see for yourself.  Think kindly of me when you do because you’re going to appreciate my advice!

So see?  Did Brooke and Trent not pick the perfect venue for their wedding?  And we’re all looking eagerly forward to a perfectly beautiful celebration on June 6th!

Before I forget, I’m working on Brookie’s favors this weekend.  Here’s a peek:


Yes I know you’re sufficiently underwhelmed with my professional camera phone photography.  But for all you camera phone enthusiasts out there, I used my daughter’s dirty black t-shirt as a back drop and relied on natural lighting.  (just consider it your tip of the day)

Here’s a better picture, and of course you can click on it to order some for your own celebrations – if it’s not a wedding, then stick in your corporate logo or your kid’s Christmas pictures or – well – whatever you can think up because these handy glass coaster favors are cool as heck – and you can get customized tags for them, too!

Celebrating the first of two upcoming weddings today!

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!