Hi everyone!  I’ve been tied up with personal matters and apologize greatly for being such a blog-slug.  I think the personal stuff is nicely tied up now (down in the basement –  back in a corner in the dark – behind some old paint cans – LOL!) and much to my pleasurable surprise – I see Ms. Hawk has provided us with another entertaining guest blog.

Since she’s the better writer (does anyone smell sugar melting here?), I’ll re-start my blogging career with her post.  Enjoy!

Babies—the Upside of Ice Storms and Black-Outs!

Ice Storm


I was talking with a fellow “party” blogger the other day about this wedding season and the people we know who are getting married in the next couple of months.  Blogs with a “celebration” focus, like “Everyday Celebrations,” usually reserve this time of year to talk about all things wedding.  So I asked her, “Well, when exactly is baby season?”  She thought about it a minute and said, “It varies, but our surefire baby seasons come about nine months after an ice storm or a power black-out.”

 Party blogger that I am, I instantly thought, “Now, those are two spectacular themes for a baby shower!” That’s assuming, of course, the baby was actually conceived during one of those distinct occasions when there wasn’t much else to do.

When I started thinking of ideas for showers that celebrated babies created under these circumstances, I came up with “Oh, What a Night!” or “The Light of Our Lives” for the black-out baby. Then I searched for baby shower favors, and I found a few outstanding favors which fit the theme.

 Over the Moon Bookmark

“Oh, What a Night!” has a couple of terrific options. I love this moon-shaped bookmark in its storybook gift box. Another good choice is the personalized, colored favor bags. Naturally, I’d order the black ones and have them personalized with the words “Oh, What a Night!” and fill them with individually wrapped, star-shaped chocolates, star-shaped gummies, star-shaped mints or some other star-shaped candies. 

stork candle baby shower favor


 If you go with “The Light of Our Lives,” a candle favor is the logical choice. I like this stork-and-baby candle favor, but as long as it has a wick for a flame, most any candle will do. You can even get small, glass votives, place a pink or blue candle in them and put them in white-organza, draw-string gift bags for this theme.

Snowflake Bookmark


What to do for ice storms? I had a harder time coming up with ideas, but I finally managed to eke out “Baby, It’s Cold Outside!” and “Ice, Ice, Baby,” Finding theme-related, baby shower favors was easy, and these will work for either theme. I like these snowflake-shaped, silver-finish bookmarks with ice-blue tassels, and in a cute sort of way, this champagne bucket timer works because says “Let’s Celebrate!” and it’s filled with “ice cubes.”


So the next time a family member or friend becomes pregnant, do the math, and if she’s due nine months after an ice storm or prolonged power outage, you’ve got your baby shower theme!

Dang ya’ll, she even sends along the pictures with the post – I could so … oh nevermind.  I feel a blog challenge a’comin!  Until next time – please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!