A guest blogger!  Yes!  I’m a bit shocked myself. 

Contact with Susan came via an educational comment on one of my posts, and we corresponded a bit over that.  Then I looked at some of her posts on the ‘net and found her to be an amazing writer!  Since she also writes about celebrations, I hope you’re as happy as I am that she agreed to post a “guest blog” here (and I know you must be tired of hearing from me all the time anyway – LOL!). 

So without further ado….I present Susan’s post for your reading and celebration-edification pleasure!  🙂


Getting Your Graduation Groove On with a “Mortarboard Bash!”


Come on. You know you think they’re bizarre! How can something so silly looking be so meaningful? Of course, I’m talking about mortarboards—those flat caps graduates wear when they receive their diplomas. Okay. Mortarboards are steeped in tradition (they’ve represented the academic scholar for about 500 years,) and I guess the hats have become a universal symbol of graduation, but I’m surprised they haven’t evolved into something more stylish. I’ll give them one thing, though. They make a great theme for a graduation party! 



You can have your Mortarboard Bash anywhere—at home (graduations usually take place during the perfect season for a backyard barbecue,) at a restaurant or a hotel event room. Oooh! Why not a destination graduation party—maybe on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean? When you’ve chosen the right spot, send out themed invitations like the ones below to set the stage for your diploma-tic shindig.



The menu depends more on the location than it does the theme—hot dogs and burgers for a backyard barbecue, Italian food at an Italian restaurant, whatever you choose from the hotel’s catering menu and, of course, seafood or jerk chicken on that Caribbean shore. The one food item that should be theme-related is the cake, and most any bakery will create a mortarboard design for you.



Decorating your tabletop and venue is almost too simple with this theme. How about these cute cap-and-gown napkins? Because your napkins bring in the mortarboard concept, plain, white plates would be absolutely fine (unless you can find square, black, plastic or paper plates—or even ceramic plates, if you really want to go all out.) Since you’ve already brought the theme to the table, go above and beyond with these cool mortarboard lanterns. If your bash is at night, put lights in the lanterns for a fabulous effect!




Just one more thing to make your Mortarboard Bash complete—graduation party favors.  It’s easy to stick to the grad cap idea with these great graduation bookmarks with their cool tassels or a photo frame that sports a mortarboard and diploma. Completing an education is one of the most important milestones in life, so we should make a big deal out of it. Yes, the graduates you’re celebrating are smart, and you’re guaranteed to get an A+ in party planning!




Wow!   Cool Susan!  I guess I should’ve thought about Graduation Parties this time of year – but since my two girly-girls aren’t in the graduation cue right now, I’ll forgive myself.  Thank you again for the super-great post!  Maybe you’ll join us again sometime soon?

Celebrating my discovery of the coolest thing on the planet right now – Guest Bloggers!  Woo Hoo!

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!