They’re your best friends from college, your sorority sisters, your girlfriend since egg-stage,  or your soon-to-be sisters-in-law.   They’ve all agreed to be front and center during your wedding preps, and of course they’ll add the color pop to Your Big Day!

You need to do something for them to say “Thank You”.  But what? 

Tah Dah!  You guessed it!  I’ve got Ideas For You!  Let’s make up some Bridesmaids Welcome Bags and let’s make ’em Personal…


Sure, you could go buy something cute and papery in the giftwrap aisle at Target, but why not find something that your Bridemaids can use during the festivities – and happily-ever-afterwards?  Here’s a good one:

This nifty, quilted tote bag is sturdy and roomy and couture-black – so it goes with everything!  Add the free personalization and voila!  It’s a Personal Start!


 You’re gonna love the next part: 


Perfect for Pedicure Day, perfect for the beach, perfect for running errands, and perfectly personalized – add these cutest flips to the bag and oh look!  We’re starting to color-coordinate!


 First initial, last initial – and comfortable!  Slip these pink and black cuties into the bag and add a bottle of touch-up polish for nips and chips!

And while we’re thinking thoughtful-like, most fashionista bridesmaids bring some clothes and some shoes along for rehearsal dinners and wedding parties, right? And with new shoes we get what?  Little blisters!  Good answer!  So tuck one of these into each bag

Hugs & Kisses from Mr. and Mrs!  Little sweet pink bandaids, with the extra plus of  sweet “all-better” kisses for the boo-boo’s!  We’re on a roll!

While we’re talking about nips and chips and boo-boos, here’s another handy addition to our bag and you guessed it – personalized!

Hey!  Do I have spinach in my teeth?  Do you have a mirror I could borrow?  Well of course, right here in our new tote bag – and it’s personal too!

Tuck in an engagement photo, maybe some old college pics, or just tuck in one or two photos and add a disposable camera.  Then your bridesmaids can add their own memories!  (and yes, you can personalize these as well!)


(Psst – get the black one – we’re coordinating here, remember?)

Let’s top it all off with a personal favorite of mine, a monogrammed koozie!

Isn’t this fun?  And just think about all the occasions when your special friends will pull these out, use ’em, and think about the wonderful times, your perfect day, and your personal appreciation for their friendship!

Let’s wrap it all up now and yes, I’m sending you to the giftwrap aisle at Target.  Buy some hot pink tissue paper to line the bag and we’re “eau seau personally” done!

Celebrating thoughtful brides and lucky bridesmaids today!

Remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!

Beautiful brides photo at the top of the post courtesy of  and used with their permission, since it’s copywrited – check it out! 😉