Knee-deep in Shower Planning – The Finale.  Tah Dah!

And a Good Time was had By All

A while back I told you about planning a Bridal Shower for our friend Brooke, who’s marrying Trent in June.

Well, today was the day – and if I must say so myself, it was FABULOUS! 

So now you know you’re going to get to see the pictures, right? 

Warning – there’s going to be a whole lotta gushin here!

ono1 location

St. Ives Country Club, Duluth Georgia, on an absolutely PERFECT spring day, high noon! 

Let me tell you, not only is this a beautiful, beautiful venue, I’ve never worked with a more hospitable, efficient, personable, and caring staff of professionals!  Oh my,  where do I start?

When we drove up with flowers and favors in tow, it took all of two seconds for a nice man to show up at the entrance with a cart to load everything up.  One trip from the car, with help, and we were on to decorating.  Our staff person brought in the chef, who had taken an extra and unasked for step of creating praline baskets to hold the chocolate dipped strawberries on the cake plates, but he wanted to make sure we were happy with them.  What do you think?  OF COURSE WE WERE!

While we decorated, they brought us beverages and every single solitary thing we asked for (and some things we just had to think about and they were right there with them, amazing!).

So if you’re anywhere near Atlanta, and you need a venue for a shower, a corporate meeting, a wedding, whatever – CALL THESE PEOPLE!  They are awesome!

Click  here for the website link.  Choose “Guest” and look through the pictures and all the wonderful options.  I’m telling you, AWESOME!


 A mixture of friends, co-workers and family – not a huge group, but a truly warm and wonderful crowd it was.  Here’s a sample …

dscn0911 dscn0908 dscn0895  dscn0903 


It was a Kitchen Shower – so of course – Kitchen was the theme!

Centerpieces for the table?  A spring mix of wonderful flowers in Colanders! 


Place card holders?  Why, rolling pins, of course!


(I’ll tell you later where you can get ’em)


And the favors?  Well, the cutest coffee cups and saucers from IKEA, with an interesting little succulent tucked inside.  You can see a few of them in this pic. What a hit!



Yum!  We started with a lovely tomato basil soup, accompanied by a crusty little slice of St. Ives Parmesan Toast.  I was bad, I didn’t take a picture BUT – I did catch the main course …


A trio of delicious salads – shrimp, chicken and tuna – with beautiful fruits – oh swoon!

And you’re going to want kill me again, but I didn’t take a picture of the cake plates with the praline basket of chocolate dipped strawberries – I ate ’em before I thought about ya’ll. 

But here’s the cake …


Yes – it was just exactly as tasty as it looks.


I thought this was a pretty clever game.  The guests enjoyed a PowerPoint show, titled …


Brooke and Trent provided answers to 20 random questions, like “favorite color”, “most embarrasing moment”, “if I was a dessert, what would I be?”.  Each guest received a card with two numbered columns, and they guessed who answered what – I’ll give you a sample slide so you can get the “flavor” …


The Mamas provided the pictures, which made it even more fun!  By the time the show/game was over, everyone knew a little bit more about both Brooke and Trent, and the game gave everybody a chance to enjoy a few of The Mama’s memories of their babies!

Miss Brookie enjoyed opening her presents, and she got some pretty nice stuff …dscn0924

And after hugs and thank you’s, we all rode off into the beautiful spring afternoon, full of happy memories.

Oh – I promised you a link for the rolling pin place card holders.  Click here for super-great kitchen shower favors (including the rolling pins).

Celebrating the upcoming Trent and Brooke nuptials!

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!