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Back in the day (which really wasn’t that far back actually), I somehow got “nudged” into being a shade-tree wedding director for a short spell.  And when I say short, I mean it – because I fairly quickly realized that I didn’t have the attention span nor the patience to deal with all the glorious minutia of planning  Life and Death Events.

I say “life and death” because, during my short wedding directress tenure, I watched normally sane people go from happy to completely psychotic in less than a second, over such consequential and truly weighty issues as the color of the melba toast as compared to the hue of the dip for the reception.  Oh my! (and don’t get me started on butter mints – pastel or brilliants for you?)

  The little kiss of spring weather today brought all this back to mind (as it does during the Dawn of Spring every year – so you probably can feel the impact of my decision NOT to become a wedding planner – kinda like – well, do you still have nightmares about showing up for an Econ 101 final naked?  I think you catch my drift).

 So on to my story.  Hang on – there’s a benefit here somewhere …

    Nancy and Kyle met in the choir at Forest Park Baptist, a small church I attended on a semi-regular basis (mostly during guilt-holidays such as Christmas and Easter).  They fell in love over green bean casserole during a sundry Wednesday Night Dinner in Fellowship Hall, and decided to marry. 

I’ve yet to figure out why, but they approached me to be their Wedding Director (and it was not like I knew what one did).  “Can you help us with our wedding?  You’ve always been such a good friend (oh really?) and we need a wedding director to help pull everything together, you know – the reception and stuff”

At that point in life I didn’t know you could charge for these services.  I just thought it was the Christian-bretheren thing to do.  So I said yes.



Oak Park, established in 1886, first hosted a small zoo with monkeys, bears, deer and the like. Then came a swimming pool with dressing cabanas loaded with many frolicking 1940’s families. Then nothing, as it was closed after a fair-thinking federal-type judge ajudicated that the segregationist policy for swimming in the city pool (no people with more than a sunburn allowed) unfair.  So the forward-thinking leadership of Montgomery, Alabama did the best thing they could think of – they closed the park.  Tah Dah!  No park, no problem.


Reopened in 1965, the City made an apology of sorts by diving head-first into a gardening frenzy around the old oaks and ponds in the park.  The result was absolutely magnificent – with huge blooming azalea bushes in the spring, blooming beds of gorgeous color almost year-round.  Perfect little wedding venues everywhere!

Nancy always dreamed of getting married in the park.  And only of getting married in the park.  That park.  This spot.  Right here. Nowhere else, ever.


Needless to say, it rained – for the first time in months – on the wedding day.  The bride completely fell apart and disappeared while her Wedding Director (that would be moi) rushed up the street, decorations in arms, back to the church to establish an impromptu ceremony in the autere surrounds of God’s House at Forest Park Baptist.  Compliments of one of the bridesmaids, we procured voluminous cascades of potted ferns from the ceiling of a local “gay” bar, and arranged them tastefully atop Baptist hymnals on the alter for a “garden-like” backdrop. (Drawback – bar ferns smell bad).

The bride was “resurrected” for the ceremony, albeit it with puffy eyes, and the Wedding Director got everyone down the aisles properly (including the lone groomsman who insisted on wearing a bright crimson pocket fold – a fact we discovered only when the wedding picture proofs appeared).  Nancy and Kyle are still married to this very day.

So there’s a moral here – always have a Plan B.  If you’re smart, a Plan C and D would also be good if you’re planning to marry outside.

And – here we go with the point … The fine folks at the Weather Channel are providing a Wedding Weather tracking program just for you sharp and sassy brides (and family of brides and grooms and bridesmaids and anyone else who has a stake in an outdoor wedding, like a Wedding Director).  Sign up here …and follow along to your heart’s content until D-Day.

Oh!  And if you are planning a Wedding in the Park – you know I have just the right favors to add that exquisite little touch!  Look at these (and click the pic if you’re interested, of course):

Celebrating Wedding Weather today!

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