compliments of the experience of Jade Puckett, a recent Houston, Texas bride, and the fine folks at the Houston Chronicle Online (who provided the photos).

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Jade got married in Houston a week ago this past Saturday (on or about the 14th of March).  She and her new husband, Billy, exchanged vows in a lovely church ceremony, then headed off to their reception, where a good time was had by all (we are going to assume, since we weren’t invited). 

church (scene of the wedding ceremony – compliments of

The happy couple made their exit at the end of their celebration with friends and family after allegedly having enjoyed a few celebratory drinks (the exact number unknown since, as mentioned before, we were not invited), waved goodbye to their guests, and drove off – no, not into the sunset but into the waiting arms of local police officers participating in a March Madness DWI sting operation.  Talk about bad timing.

Billy, who was driving, was arrested on suspicion of  DWI.  Jade, according to police, got a tad bit belligerent – so they hauled her in too for suspected public intoxication and, well, we guess, being belligerent in a wedding dress.

Not having taken the time to change into a “going away” type ensemble, the bride was taken straight to the courtroom in all her newly-wedded glory.  She looked very nice and we are amazed that her makeup did not run during this whole debacle.

She was placed in a cell with a bunch of other women, and according to the new Mrs. Puckett (and we must rely on her statement here as, well, we weren’t invited), the jailers made fun of her.  So she’s filed a complaint.

Now, you would think that an ordinary person would just lay low from embarrassment and wait for the storm to blow over but oh no!  She’s posed for more photographs (since the courtroom photos did not do her justice) and is speaking out to any news reporter who’s willing to listen (and on a slow news day, there are billions of those critters lying in wait). 

Because of the above, we’re going to assume, yet again, that she wants you to enjoy the below photo, compliments of the Harris County, Texas Sheriff’s Department …


(Seriously – good make-up, no?).

So the moral(s) of this story (and there are many – so we will be brief) is/are:

  • Cut some corners on the wedding celebration and hire a chauffeur.
  • If stopped, be courteous to police officers, who are only doing their job.
  • Absolutely, positively, never, ever EVER drink and drive!  EVER! (not that we’re sayin these two did.  I mean, innocent until proven guilty, right?)

OH!  Wait – I have another moral.  Early reports say that the original reason police decided to stop the car was that they noticed a passenger in a  “Vee hick uhl ” (Texas Police Translation for “Car”)apparently opening and closing the passenger side door while in transit.

So one more moral:

  • Never open a car door while allegedly intoxicated in your wedding dress in a moving vehicle.

Have I covered all the bases here?

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Celebrating cautionary wedding tales today.  Let’s all learn something together, now, shall we?

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Update 03.31, compliments of …..

It seems Mrs. Jade Puckett isn’t done with the Harris County Sherriff’s department.  Click here to read more!

Update 04.09

Oh my!  Youtube!  Click here