I’m loving the cherry blossoms in bloom right now!  Such lacy, soft-pink exquisiteness on delicate branches – a burst of happy against a blue sky and the cause for much celebration even here at the foothills of the North Georgia mountains.  They even decorate the ground beautifully after a good hard rain, which we just had compliments of the latest round of thunderstorms last night.

Macon, Georgia, just south of us, had their annual Cherry Blossom Festival last weekend.  Click the picture below to see the website – if you’re in the area next year about this time, it’s a fun weekend!


Did you know that the Chinese culture views the cherry blossom as the symbol of power and love? 

The Japanese culture looks at the cherry blossom as a symbol of the brevity of life, but it a good way!  These delicate flowers appear in all their majesty for only a short period of time, but what a brilliantly beautiful interlude it is!  The Japanese look upon this as reminder to enjoy everything to the fullest every day, because one will never know when the opportunity will vanish.

Not too shabby symbolism for a little burst of flower glory from two of the oldest cultures on the planet!  Power and love, enjoy life to the fullest everyday – kinda what we try to do here on this blog, one little favor at a time.

If you’d like to add a little symbolism to your next event – you know we have the perfect favors :).  Click the pictures below if you want to learn more!

Celebrating Cherry Blossoms in a big way today!

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!