It was a dark and stormy day.  You just never know about Atlanta weather this time of year.  Two weeks ago, snow.  Last weekend, 75 degrees and sunshine.  This Saturday, clouds, rain, and 40 degrees.

But you never would’ve known it inside The Party at the Pickle!  What a great group of people and what a warm, inviting setting for Skippy’s Bridal Shower!

I guess each guest knew a handfull of the other guests when we walked in the door.  But by the time we made it through the Introductions, centerpieced by some lovely Mimosas, we were all each other’s best friends!  No kidding!

And Eau De Food!  Delicious sandwiches on fresh breads, chunky chili with all the fixins, Fried Pickles (yep, fried HOMEMADE pickles) with remoulade, fresh potato chips to dip in the homemade blue cheese dressing, ceasar salad, oh my!  Here’s a pic of Skip leading the parade through the delicious buffet …


After we finished lunch, the junior bridesmaids (two of Skip’s cutest little nieces-to-be) passed out paper plates, and I was pretty sure (at first) they were going to be graced with a lovely slice of the beautiful cake – pictured below …


Silly me. 

We were handed a lovely aqua pencil (Skip’s colors are aqua and hot pink).  I couldn’t quite figure out how I was going to eat that cake with a pencil, but after those Mimosas, I was prettymuch  game for anything.

The hostesses stood in the center of the room and politely broke the news that no cake would be showing up on those plates.  Oh No!  We were to place the plates on our heads and, with the lovely aqua pencil, draw a picture of how we thought Skippy would look as she walked down the aisle – on top of our heads!

I had such visions!  The reality, though, was nothing like the visions (which could probably also be called delusions). My paper plate portrayed something similar to a snake sliding across a triangle.  I quickly penciled in a proper pair of Manolos once the thing was off my head, and while nobody was paying attention.

 Of course I didn’t win the prize, although amazingly enough, Donna, seated to my right, drew no less than THREE perfect hearts around her “head vision” picture.  If you think you have the mental picture of our group endeavor, hang on – here’s the visual …


What won’t do for our Skippy?

So there you have it!  A fabulous time was had by all, Skip now has enough gorgeous towels and sheets and blankets and linens to last a good 30-odd years, and we all left with wonderful memories!

Countdown to the Wedding!

Celebrating Fun at the Fickle Pickle with Skip’s friends and relatives today!

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