If I’m crazy, please let me know – but I think I told you a while back that this is the year of “Twos” at the office.  Two New Babies and Two Weddings! 

We’ve talked about Brooke and the plans for her shower.  But today I want to introduce you to our other “Blushing Bride”, Skippy.

Skip’s a New York State native transplant to the South, a tiny, petite little doll who’s managed to blend right into our culture of shrimp and grits just beautifully, thank you very much.  And her wonderful Southern-gentleman fiance is, in our opinion, straight from the Rhett Butler mold – sharp, handsome, considerate, and quite the romantic!

Here’s just a little taste, and I think you’ll get the picture really, really quick …


Yep, that’s the engagement picture.  Is that not simply THE most exquisitely-charming setting you have ever seen?  Oh, it just gets better!  A little background for you:

Skip and David had been planning and saving for a very nice vacation to the Caribbean for a quite a while.  We all had fun discussing different islands and locations at work during the planning stages, with everyone pitching in with their favorite stories and tips.  Skip and David finally settled on a great resort location in the Dominican Republic last May, and we all had a little vicarious trip ourselves, pouring over the websites and the pictures pre-vacation.

David, sly devil that he is, was busy making some behind-the-scenes plans as well – arranging for a surprise romantic dinner on the beach, complete with a ring and a proposal – and a photographer/waiter on hand to capture the scene!  He told Skip, in advance, that a first-night dinner on the beach was part of their “vacation package”, and that they’d need to dress up for the occasion.

Is that not just the coolest thing?  Seriously!

So today is Shower Day – Fun at the Fickle Pickle down in Roswell.  Click the link for the website – it’s the perfect location! 

I promise to file a full report later today.

Today we’re celebrating Skip and David and the countdown to their June wedding.

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!

Oh!  BTW – click the pic below if you see anything you like!  😉