I’m not an entertainment journalist or, for that matter, a particularly good writer.  But I blog because I like  sharing stuff – good, positive stuff because there’s just not enough of that around these days.

And Melissa Rycroft, on Dancing With The Stars last night, is a positive thing to watch and, in my humble opinion, was the ONLY dancing star on that show that I could see!  Yep, I watched, and I never have before.

Melissa was a vision in ice blue spangles and mesh.  Her partner proudly ushered her around the floor – and she was graceful and very natural (which is what drew us to her in the first place on that show we won’t mention featuring that guy we won’t mention either).  She only had 48 hours to practice, and she mopped the floor for all the other participants who’d had PLENTY of practice time (save for that surgically enhanced Playboy Lollipop Holly Madison who was short on practice time, but big on surgical enhancement).

So here’s to you Melissa.  Lord knows we also put in our votes for you.  We want to see more!  A huge thank you favor from me!  I hope you have tons of fun on this show.  TONS!