(Disclaimer:  I recently had a blog-maven of much readership and knowledge advise me that my blog posts were too long.  My blog-esteem dropped many levels at that point.  But I’ve picked myself up and dusted off – and I’m providing you with yet another waaaay too long blog post.  There’s guilt in every excess word, but that’s just how I roll.  So please accept my long-winded blog-apology!)

You would think, with all the bridal showers I’ve attended and given and studied-up-on that planning Brooke’s Kitchen Shower would be a snap.  You know, “easy-peasy”, “simple as pie”, “could do it blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back” (and other myths).

Nope, this one comes with the added pressure of the attendees – most of which are industry professionals (and I do mean THE Wedding Industry).  These people set the trends and make the plans and all that good stuff.

Talk about pressure!

So I have to keep reminding myself over and over and over again that we will all be coming together with one simple focus – to gather together to celebrate our mutual friend and the beginning of her new life as Mrs. Trent.  Oh!  And we will stock up her kitchen so she can delight in all things culinary with her new husband.  (I did mention that Trent loves to cook, didn’t I?)

Let me clear something up – I’m not the one “giving” this shower.  Angela is.  But somehow or the other I’m the decorator.  Such is life.

We made a site visit a couple of weeks back – that’s a picture of the front of the venue up there at the top.  It’s really pretty, it’s a big room, and there will only be 20 of us.  So how to add an appropriately festive air?  We’re still thinking hard on it (we have until mid-April).  Here are some handy phone-cam snaps of the blank room.  If you have any brilliant ideas, I’d love to hear them!  We’ll have three tables of 8 set up, a cake table and a gift table.  The linens are blah and the room is neutral.  Oh – and we don’t have an endless supply of money (thought I’d throw that in).

venue11   venue2  venue3  venue4   venue5


Last Sunday we took off to IKEA, looking for cute, different, funky ideas for table decor and something to add to our favors.  We’ve already picked out the favor, but we wanted to add a bit more “punch” and personalization to our offerings – kinda mix it up a bit since we’re favor-professionals (sorta).  We found the cutest little cups and saucers, and we’re going to add a little plant and somehow make them into our place card holders.  Here’s a shot of the empty vessels just waiting for the muse to strike …


And our other take-home favor is perfect – Whisked Away!  There’s a heart in the middle – is that not the Just The Best?



By the way!  Last Sunday was special in more than an IKEA-shopping kinda day.  We had SNOW in Atlanta!  The biggest, clumpiest, cotton-ball kinda snow we’ve ever seen!  It started after we’d settled into IKEA-heaven, and continued on until, while dining on their lovely Swedish Meatball special, we decided we might need to head on home, since we could no longer see the streets.  That and the fact that Trent was calling Brooke about every 15 minutes with a dire update on accidents, road closings and white-out conditions on I-285.  We drove home with the sunroof open!  Yep – at every stoplight, we were inundated with snow in the car!  I know we’re crazy, but we’re Southerners – both of us.  What do you expect?

 sno1   sno2

I’ll keep you updated as Shower Planning travels up to Neck-deep.  Meanwhile, if you have any ideas for decorating that drab room – send them along in a comment!

Celebrating upcoming showers and weddings and SNOW IN ATLANTA!

Remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!