Most everybody’s got a little story to share about an Aunt who drank too much at the reception and said a few things she shouldnt’ve, but this couple’s story is one for the Wedding Nightmare Hall of Fame.

Hebron, Indiana is a small town in NorthWest Indiana, whose Claim to Fame is, well – blatantly plagarizing from the Town’s Own Official Website:

The Hebron area has become a sought after community to relocate for families that are looking for a wholesome environment to live. We have a first rate school system, very low crime rate, a community center and numerous parks. Hebron’s Town Government is very supportive of activities throughout the community such as festivals, fireworks, parades and sport activities.

The Town of Hebron has gone through many changes over the last few years and will go through many more in the years to come. With a major state highway project starting in 2007 and continuing through 2009, we have been given the chance to give the Town a facelift. New streets, lighting and benches are just the start. We have also created a business-friendly atmosphere for new and existing businesses with various programs slated for the upcoming years.

Hebron is strategically located at the intersection of State Route 231, State Route 2, and State Route 8 in Porter County, Indiana. Hebron, being so close to Chicago, is in the Central Standard Time Zone

So there you go!  Close to Chicago, wholesome, good schools, very low crime rate, benches to sit on and a Central Time Zone – what more could you want?

Demographics?  Well, back in 2007 (and we assume not much has changed since then), there were 1,745 males and 1,901 females living in the Hebron area, and their median age is about 33.

Get the picture?  If not, here’s a photo of the mural prominently featured downtown.  (Hebron’s apparently been around awhile)

Moving along, on January 23, 2009, the weather was a bit cold – windy with a high of 30 – but the sun was shining!  Nicholas Landry and Lori Kappes chose that particular day to formalize their love for each other before God and whatever civil authority was on duty at the time. 

Jeremy Glotzbach, a close friend of the couple, was hosting a Reception to celebrate the nuptials at his home in a sparsely populated but lovely area out in the country.  A nice setting for a celebration, no?


After taking their vows, Nicholas and Lori headed on over to Jeremy’s for the Big Party.  They pulled up and parked, all blissful and romantical-like, and were greeted by none other than The Bride’s Sister Who Was Smoking Mad!

Yep, AnneMarie Bricker (pretty name, no?), 23, of Valparaiso, Indiana is Lori’s Sister With A Bone To Pick.  And she chose this particular day to Pick It (the Bone, that is).

AnneMarie (with her children in the car, no less) had hauled herself over to the party venue with the express intent of discussing some ongoing Family Issues (wouldn’t you just love to know what those were?). 

Apparently Lori was in no mood to listen, so she exited the car with her newlywed husband, brushed past her Steaming Sister, and marched her own self up toward the party (which, as we know, was one-half in her honor).

Sister AnneMarie (seriously, that’s a pretty name – what went wrong with this woman?) was not happy that Lori, who had her mind on other things, was not in the mood to Pick the aforementioned Bone. 

So in an attempt to catch her sister’s attention and hopefully cause her to Focus on The Bone, AnneMarie chose to leap uponst Lori, removing chunks of Lori’s Wedding Hair and smearing Lori’s Wedding Makeup.

I’m not so sure Nicholas, the dashing groom, is of strong mind because according to reports, Lori had to be rescued by by-standing 60-year-olds.

So to summarize, AnneMarie claims she only wanted to talk.  She’s claiming that from jail, by the way.  Lori had no comment, and was last seen missing chunks of Wedding Hair at the party.

If you want all the main stream media details (which are much less detailed than my own) – click here.

Celebrating, um, let’s see …. (taps foot and thinks a bit, head cocked slightly to the side).  OH – Bone Picking!  Brightens an otherwise dreary winter weekend, doesn’t it?

Remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!

PS – In case you’re worried – AnneMarie’s children were turned over to the custody of their Father.  Thank the good lord for small favors?

Looking for super-cute wedding favors?  Click the pic to take a look!


Update!  Houston, we have a photo!  The alleged attacker (and good sister) …

Annmarie Bricker, 23, of Valparaiso, Ind., shown in this booking photo provided

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