Yordy!  You’d think with all the durned weddings going on the Baby Showers would slow down! 

But Oh No!  My guess is, in this economy, with more people staying home to save dollars, the new “in” activity is reproducing?  After all, it really doesn’t cost as much as other kinds of entertainment, at least not up front …

So Baby Showers are on the horizon and the number one question is – what do we do after we open the presents and drink up all the punch?

Enter the Baby Shower Games!  I’ve listed a couple here  for you to choose from.  And of course, I’ve also thoughtfully included a gift idea or two, and favors, always favors!  I’m also trying to stay on the affordable side for costs.

Guess the Baby Food!

This one’s fun and easy.  It’s simply a blind taste test for baby food and it generates a lot of giggles!

You’ll need:

  • 5 to 10 small jars of baby food – different types, with labels removed, newly labeled 1 thru whatever
  • some plastic spoons for tasting
  • pre-make some entry forms on your computer for guesses – here’s a cute idea – made in PowerPoint:


 Try to stick to the simple stuff, prunes, carrots, peas, apples, etc.  Throw one combo in there for interest, and you’re guaranteed a good laugh!  Winners (and losers, of course) get a little prize, which is where your baby shower favors come in.  Cute, practical and economical – everyone will treasure these little mementos for years to come.  Here’s a good suggestion:

   “It’s About Time”  Baby is Brewing Teapot Timer.  Click the pic if you want to know more!

And a good baby gift for the Mommie-2-Be?


These are such cute little newborn sets, and they come with a precious-but-sturdy keepsake box for storing cotton swabs, lotions, potions and other baby essentials!  Click the pic for more info.

Baby Pictionary

This one’s fun to play when the guests have all just arrived and punch is served, but before the little foods are served.  It gets even strangers to talking and makes for a great ice breaker!

You’ll need:

  • An erasable white board on an easel or chair – propped up in some way so all can see.
  • An erasable marker and eraser
  • Slips of paper with 6 – 8 baby-related ideas.  They can be names of nursery rhymes, or songs, or favorite baby books (Good Night Moon, etc.), folded in a basket
  • A three minute timer

Divide the guests up into two teams.  Have one guest draw their choice from the basket, then the game proceeds just like regular Pictionary.  No talking, hand motions are ok, etc. 

When the basket is empty of slips, talley up the score and the winners get a prize (but so do the losers).  Give the slightly nicer prize to the winning time, and use the other option as the “consolation prize”  This is where your favors come in.  Here’s a great suggestion pair that won’t break the bank:

pen   Baby On Board Pen!  Cut little baby hides a real pen!  And the car seat package is eau-seau-precious!  Click here.

bottle1  It’s a Boy!/ It’s a Girl!   Baby bottle candles – how clever!  Click here.

And of course, a wonderfully creative baby gift is always in order!  These precious little “pints of love” retail for only about $14.00, and they’re made out of super-soft, hypo-allergenic 100% cotton!


Celebrating Mommies-To-Be and the thoughtful people who give them Baby Showers today!

Remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!