Remember I mentioned that I work with two brides-to-be? 

Today I’d like to introduce you to Brooke.  Brooke, meet my Blog readers; Blog readers, this is Brooke and she’s agreed to share the next few months of wedding prep with you!

I’ve known Brooke about two years, and I guess the best way to describe her would be to call her ” a vivacious graduate of Georgia State right here in Atlanta”.  A Macon native, Brooke met Trent (who’s also a Georgia native) on February 14, 2004 at a Midtown gathering spot for the social set.  (Seriously!  On Valentines Day!)  He spotted her across the room and, well, the rest is romantic history.  You just can’t make this stuff up!


Brooke and Trent share a love of of the countryside and often set off on a weekend Trip to Nowhere with their dogs Jackson (a six pound Alpha-Yorkie), and Marley (a rather friendly complex mix of breeds) – stumbling across B&Bs and craft fairs and lovely mountain vistas as they just drive and experience.  Listen up ladies – Trent loves to shop with Brook, enjoys a good arts and crafts festival or a gallery tour, and he cooks and knows how to can and put away fresh summer vegetables!  But remember now, he’s taken!


Trent’s a Sneaky Devil. When  Brooke’s beloved Grandmother passed away in December of 2007,  Trent conspired with Brooke’s Mom to have Grandma’s engagement diamond secretly reset in a beautiful ring.   He popped the question in his usual low-key way on January 3rd, 2008 at their home, on the sofa, after a lovely dinner (which he cooked, by the way), surprising her with the sentimental ring capped with the very precious stone.  Dropped to one knee he did! 

Yep, she cried.  Wouldn’t you?

They’d originally planned to marry late summer 2008, but Trent was having bad headaches, and in the Spring of 2008 they began to get worse.  An MRI revealed a cyst in a very critical spot on his brain.  So surgery was scheduled, and Brooke stayed by Trent’s side during his entire ordeal.  Thanks to the excellent doctors and medical professionals at Northside Hospital, his recuperation was short,  and there were no complications or resulting disabilities, which is Truly Amazing!

So they began to plan again.  The Big Date is now officially June 6, and they are both so excited!  Trent’s right in there with Brooke making arrangements and planning for their guests.  It’s just so darned cute listening to them talk about who’s coming and what’s being served and how things are going to be done and arranged just so.  They’re just the neatest couple

So stay tuned for more wedding details!  The next time you see a Brooke Blog, we’ll be talking about how she picked her wedding dress (very smart move she made) and checking in to see how the plans are progressing!

Today we’re celebrating Brooke and Trent – a cosmopolitan couple with a little country twist!


Remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!