(L to R) Children of presumptive Republican U.S vice-presidential nominee Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Track Palin, Willow Palin, Trig Palin and Levi Johnston, boyfriend of Bristol Palin, stand together on day three of the Republican National Convention (RNC) at the Xcel Energy Center on September 3, 2008 in St. Paul, Minnesota. The GOP will nominate U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) as the Republican choice for U.S. President on the last day of the convention. From Getty Images.

The Internet’s all a-twitter about the news that Bristol Palin is having a boy!  Obviously the wedding plans are more intricate than I originally thought, because that sweet soon-to-be-born baby boy still doesn’t have a happily wed Mom and Dad, but I suppose that’s small potatoes compared to the fact that Bristol is due to give birth TOMORROW – and Grandma Johnston (Mr. Baby Daddy’s Mama) may have a little problem should the birth occur on time, seeing as how she’s gone and gotten herself arrested in a drug bust.

Ahhh, the wild frontier out there in Alaska.  Simply charming!

But we must keep our eye on the ball, so to speak, and think about the perfect Baby Gift, no?


A practical little gift with darling details!  Bristol and Levi (if he sticks around) can use these for little baby burps – and the price is right!  Click the pic for details.


How about this sweetly precious little baby quilt!  Cute and cosy and it comes with a little suitcase, perfect to pack for travel on visiting days at the jail.  Grandma Johnston will love it!

Ahh, those wild and crazy folks in Alaska.  Can’t wait to see the baby pics!  We have a little bet going at the office – who do you think will bid the highest for Bristol’s Baby Pics?  You know this family’s not gonna miss out on the action!  Now that they have a taste of the high life, they’re going to need the funds for those return trips to Saks!

Celebrating Bristol’s Baby Boy today.  Can’t say it would be too proper to celebrate Grandma’s drug problem and of course, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, right?

Remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!

Update:  12/21/2008 – The Wasilla Paper (which is an interesting read, btw) says that the drug of choice for Levi’s Mom is Oxycontin – check it out here ….http://www.frontiersman.com/articles/2008/12/21/local_news/doc494ddfb19daa3041809345.txt