I don’t know about you but I’m damned tired of listening to all the gloom and doom about job layoffs and Multi-Million Dollar Auto Execs asking for Our Tax Dollars to fund their Bad Business Decisions and Bankers who have been Bleeding Us Dry for Years walking away from their Failing Institutions flush with cash and, well, as you can see, I’m fed up.

I did find the recent shoe throwing incident rather funny and human.  I mean, after all, here’s this journalist in a group of people right there in Iraq watching the Big Bush Photo Op, right there up close and personal in the midst of death and destruction, all in the name of GWB-defined freedom (which I think translates into Big Business Dollars for his cronies), listening to this Man who has rained all this mess down uponst his country, his family, his life – and the guy didn’t strap on a bomb.  He didn’t blow up innocents – he Threw His Shoes in exasperation.  Good for him!  Freedom of speech – and freedom to throw shoes!  Now there’s a patriotic thought! (oh lord, am I on some list now?)

So I ran across an article in my hometown local paper and it just made me happy.  I actually met this woman eons ago in the grocery store in Montgomery, handing out her rolls. 

Oh my they were good, and oh yes I bought some, and throughout the years and the moves and the children and the job changes, I still find myself rummaging through the frozen food cases in various grocery stores looking for her sausage rolls or her orange-glazed sweet rolls.  And if  I don’t find them, I’m annoyed and I leave with the firm belief that the frozen foods buyer at that particular store is just plain stupid.  How on earth could they not know?

The Sister Shubert Story

Sister Schubert is my little Christmas Ornament for your Mind.  Her story is plain and simple.  Yes, perhaps it’s been polished a bit since she sold her shares to a big corporation, but I’ve followed her all these years and I’m here to tell you it’s not polished much – this is basically just the way it happened. 

I’m happy to see that she’s still cooking, but for the grandchildren now, and that she and her husband are giving back.  You’ll find inspiration in this website if you choose to take a leisurely stroll through the pages.  She’s a sharp woman.  She found herself a single Mom, and she found her mind in the midst of all of that, and she found a way to share the love she grew up with, and it made her successful.  Exquisite!

Please enjoy my little Christmas Ornament for your mind … http://www.sisterschuberts.com/home/my-story.dT

Celebrating inspiration today.

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