Dropping to one knee, heart in the throat, a small box held forward, a sparkly ring slipped tenatively on, a promise like no other made – and maybe there’s a teardrop, a little happy chirp, a long and passionate kiss?

Man that engagement was a doozy but now you’ve got to get to work planning for the big day!  Maybe you’ve had a secret plan in your head since you were 6, like my friend Kay, who even knew what matching pair of panties and bra she’d be wearing when she glided down the nuptial aisle?  Or maybe you’ve never given the whole she-bang a good thought, ever?  Well, guess what – now it’s time to start thinking, and the whole glorious process will go a bit easier if you start with what seems like a simple basic concept – your colors.

“Oh I’ve always, always loved pink!”

Well that’s just lovely, but what shade of pink?  Light?  Cotton Candy?  Hot?  Cerise?

“I think black is sooooooooo elegant!”

Alright, that’s good, but do we want lots of black?  Black bridesmaids dresses, black napkins at the reception, black roses in your bouquet?  Oops – that’s a bit goth, don’t you think?  You’ll need an accent color in there somewhere…

“Well, I’ve always loved pink!” 

OK, woo-hoo!  What shade?  And how much?  And can you find it in everything you need?  I mean the black part’s kinda easy – but will the pink roses in your bouquet match the pink napkins at the reception and is the same shade of pink available in bridesmaid’s dresses or are you going to do black for the dresses and a pink sash and will it match the roses and the napkins and – by the way – you look like you could use a couple of aspirins or perhaps a small glass of wine about now?


Happy to oblige!

Let’s start by using our handy Internet thinking tools – aka hotlinks!  I love hotlinks!  You don’t have to drive anywhere and talk to anybody, they don’t cost you anything to look at, and you can decide, in the privacy of your own home, what feels right to you!  Bookmark the good ones and send them to your friends on Facebook, Twitter – any of the social networking sites to get their opinions – even if they live in the back half of Outer Mongolia (provided they have the appropriate ISP).  So let’s get to looking!

  • These people pretty much set the standard across the board for popular wedding party colors – and they have a wonderful interactive base for “trying on” different colors and styles!


  • This is kinda fun, and gives you an interactive tool for thinking about color combinations!


  • Brides.com is kind enough to help with colors for your wedding cake – fun!


  • Here’s another one just for color planning in general!


  • Cool! – design a virtual wedding bouquet!  


  • Kate Aspen, nationally known and full of great ideas, has a nifty Personality Quiz to help you think about your Personal Wedding Style!


  • And once you get done, you can look over their wonderful mix and match wedding favors!


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So today we’re celebrating the colors of your wedding!

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!