I’ve been a bit slow about blogging these last two weeks because I’ve been working on a project, the results of which I’ll share with you in case you need some cheap, last minute ideas to decorate your Thanksgiving tables!

We enjoyed our company Thanksgiving meal today.  I work with a great group of people, and we seem to enjoy the pot luck path to nutritional gluttony versus the catered version because, well, we’re all good cooks!  All 65 of us!  Here’s a shot of our “venue” …


Yep!  We gather in the warehouse!  You may not find it glamorous, but we kinda like it – it’s the heart of our business, and we are very thankful that we are still moving along in these trying times!

On to the do-it-yourself decorations!

Place mats – The Fall Leaf Ones


  • Buy some burlap at Hobby Lobby or your local fabric store.  It’s cheap!
  • Take advantage of the 80% discount on fall foliage at your local craft store.  Get several different kinds – they absolutely so don’t have to match!  Fall colors go together, no matter what!
  • Buy some ribbon at a discount, too!
  • Get tons of glue gun sticks
  • Buy some of those stems of gold and silver balls
  • Buy a pack of feathers – any kind!
  • Cut out burlap squares the size of place mats (I used my April Cornell place mates as a template)
  • Cut off the foliage from the stems
  • Cut the little balls off the other stems
  • Start gluing!  Throw in a few feathers!  It’s good therapy!  Trust me!  I made 65 of ’em 🙂


The Quirky Turkey Ones

  • Same place mat sized burlap squares
  • Glue ribbon round the edges.  I just cut 4 pieces – glued ’em along the edges, then turned under a bit on the ends to finish them off
  • Cut 1 oval of fabric for the Turkey Body
  • Cut 1 oval of fabric for the Turkey Head
  • Cut 5 assorted fabric teardrop shaped pieces for each turkey tail
  • Paint with fabric glue and stick to place mat.
  • Add real feathers to the tail
  • Use squeeze fabric paint in black for the eyes, and yellow for the beak and the legs – you don’t have to be an artist to do this, seriously!
  • Cut a teeny turkey “waddle” to hang just under the head from some red fabric and glue in place
  • Voila!  Quirky Turkeys!


Cheap, cheap, cheap centerpieces …

I love stuff you just pick up from along the road of life!  The “ingredients” for these centerpieces are:

  • 1 basket from the Dollar store – $1.00
  • 1 half price pumpkin from Hobby Lobby – $2.50
  • Curly, glittery dried sticks from the craft store – around $2.50 for a big bundle
  • Assorted beads from around and about
  • Tons of glue gun sticks
  • Moss from Jekyll Island, Georgia (but you can buy it at the craft store) – free
  • Dried Eucalyptus leaves from my friend Kelley’s monster tree in Birmingham, Alabama – free
  • Pine cones from off the ground – free

Just knock yourself out gluing – set some kind of initial symmetry with the pine cones, and then embellish, embellish, embellish!!!

And of course, no party is complete without party favors, right?  We used these absolutely gorgeous copper maple leaf bottle stoppers.  Yes, they’re from Kate Aspen and here’s the website address if you’re interested … www.katespen.com.

So I hope this was helpful!  Celebrating wonderful co-workers today, along with the Thanksgiving Season.  Here’s a shot of the food, in case you might be wondering …


Remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!