Every year, about this time, Mamas like me start scrambling for Teacher Gifts – something to say Thank You for teaching my child, a little thought, a little gift, a remembrance.

Now, most Mamas are faced with the same problem I have – multiple teachers, multiple children, not a lot of money.

So guess what?  I’m going to do you a favor and give you some great ideas to get your gifting thoughts a’flowing (cheaply and cleverly)!

buttonLet her know she’s special!

Can’t afford to give your teachers a day at the spa or mani-pedi gift certificate?  Try this approach – Find a nice neutral nail polish, nude is good (cost around 2.99) and pair it with these precious little toe separators (cost – $1.99 each).  Package them up with a cute little home made card that says – You are My Queen Everyday!  Then elaborate and personalize a bit on the inside with your teacher’s name, the subject she teaches, and how she has positively impacted your child!  (you can purchase very nice papers and little stick on graphics at Michaels in the Scrapbooking section – check it out here …http://www.michaels.com/art/online/static?page=scrapbooking ).  Total cost – around 5 bucks per teacher, plus whatever you want to spend on the card.  Cute, no?

button1Let them know they’re making a positive “mark” on your child’s life!

Just a little something special that says it all – “Highlight of my life” – which says “I <heart> my teacher”, right?  These little cuties will cost you less than $2.00 each – and if you want to expand it a bit for the “specialist” teachers, add a little box of stationery with their initial – good for the thank you notes that inevitably follow the Christmas season!

These elegant note cards with matching envelopes will cost under $3.00 each – for a grand total of $5.00 per teacher!  Hooray!

 button2 Gender neutral (which means good for any teacher)!

OK – here’s one that will work for teachers of both sexes!  Let’s call it – “Thank you for taking me on a learning journey!”

A wonderful solid Chrome (which means indestructible) luggage tag!  What a thoughtful and unique idea!  And this one will set you back less than $5.00!


Or if you prefer, you can get the same, heavy chrome quality in an airplane or cruise ship style!  Same price!

What Teacher Gift suggestion would be complete without an Apple?  This teeny, tiny, perfect little apple candle is so cute!  I know it shows a personalized tag, and you can certainly order one that just has your child’s name on it – but here’s my suggestion.  Don’t use the tag, and pair this tiny cutie with …..

A package of  DIY spiced cider mix, or a bottle of sparkling apple cider!  Waaay past cute, no?

button3Handy Dandy Teacher Gifts!

Something everybody, including special teachers, needs and enjoys – handy little desk drawer type sewing kits and manicure sets – to sew on a button, to polish up a chipped nail – always close at hand and always thoughtful … and an economical gift for you as well!


All for under $5.00 each!

Or bookmarks – especially perfect for your favorite teacher!

  A Beach Fan? 

  A Snowflake memory?

  A lovely bronzed leaf?

  A fluttering butterfly, perhaps?

Nope – no plastique allowed!  These beautifully packaged bookmarks are a solid, laser-etched metal with a silk tassel!  Each available for less than $3.00 each!  10 teachers?  $30 bucks!  Wow!

button4My Personal Favorite Teacher Gift!

I’m saving the best for last – this is my personal favorite!  A cup of Java!  Or you could re-purpose it as a teacup theme!

A miniature porcelain tealight holder!  Cost?  Less than $5.00?  Want to up the ante a bit for the “mostest specialist” teachers?  Pair with the following:

A Starbucks gift card – just enough for 1 cup of java – slip the card under the organza ribbon.

A miniature bag of flavored coffee – available at your local grocery store for under $2.00.

A Box of Earl Grey Tea – $3.99 and up.  Or a box of Spiced Apple Tea!  $2.50!  Yahoo!

So there you have my best suggestions for special little teacher gifts, under $5.00 in most cases – and over $5.00 if you really want to make it super-special! 

Celebrating Teachers, and thoughtful parents today!

Remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!