On the Richter Scale of Funny – this movie is off the charts. 

Yes, the husband, two daughters, and the eldest’s BF brought home from college for the first time, sat in a movie theater last night with 12 million liddle kiddles and a smattering of parents and were thoroughly, completely, and happily entertained.  Let me repeat that for you one more time – thoroughly, completely, and happily.

Amazingly enough, the 12 million liddle kiddles were very well mannered, and I think they were somewhat entertained by the awesomely realistic animation and color presented to them on the big screen, but it was their parents, and our little row of family plus BF, that laughed the hardest and the longest and yes, we shoulder-danced in our seats.

There were no boring moments, there was no gratuitous humor, there were no stale gags – this movie is a dream come true in tight times.  Pure escapism, pure fun.  And a quick check of our group as we exited the theater revealed that we all, age differences aside, identified with the characters.

We spent a week in French St. Martin after the release of the original version of this movie.  While the girls and I were practicing our back flips in 4 feet of salty Caribbean turquoise, a little group of children paddled out to frolic with us.  They didn’t speak English, we didn’t speak French, but they wanted to play.  After a few minutes of hand gyrations and them speaking French very slowly to us, while we responded very slowly in English to them (with really bad results), they began performing the signature song from the movie – “I like to move it, move it”.  We joined in and in a joyous cacophony of French and English accents – we all performed our underwater back flips for another half hour together.  This movie transcends everything.

I suppose you could catagorize me as a crazy woman, who raised crazy children, and married a crazy man – and so, therefore, we only enjoy juvenile cartoon entertainment.  But no, we qualify as two professionals with children in the midst of advanced education who are making astoundingly good grades, and the BF seems to be sane (jury’s still out).  It was a very, very good movie.  So go, spend the money, and spend an hour and a half immersed in the genius of Dreamworks (who hysterically satirize even their own opening credits), with my recommendation and blessing.  It’s just that good. Trust me on this one.

Celebrating the genius of Dreamworks today.

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