She’s ready to POP any minute, and she found herself in the family way pre-marriage – but she made it down the aisle before the Grand Arrival!  You’ve gotta give Ashley Simpson and her husband credit – Little Simpson-Wentz will enter this world as a bouncing baby with two parents legally committed to nurturing this little critter through life.

Will the marriage last?  Who knows?  Will the baby grow up to be perfect?  The jury’s out.  But at least Pete and Ashley were adult enough to understand the gravity and importance of a birth event.  And they got married.  That makes them a league ahead of the Bristol Palins and Jamie Lynn Spears of this world, and a slightly better role model for the up and coming set, now don’t cha think?

So to celebrate the impending birth of the Simpson-Wentz Bundle of Joy, I’m sending along some terribly cute, awfully precious baby gifts!  We’ll call ’em Celebrity Baby Gifts! And you can order them off the Internet and have them sent straight Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz’s doorstep!

OMG – how cute is this set?  Farm Friends!  And full of precious little 100% cottony cuddly cuties for baby to wear.  Look at all the stuff!

Are Pete and Ashley having a boy or a girl?  Who cares with this gender-neutral set…

Or how about a snuggly sweet little Lamby and Lovey Blanket set, just the perfect size and feel for baby’s little hands?  Is this not too cute for words?


And how about a few favors for the new parents to hand out at the viewing?  Much better and cuter than cigars, right?


Click the pic if you like what you see…..

So celebrating babies born to two loving, legally committed parents.  Bristol and Jamie Lynn – are you paying attention?

Remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!