Apparently I’m behind on the latest wedding trends. 

You may wonder how I came about this epiphany.

Well, it all comes down to three simple Keywords early on a Saturday morning – Waffle House Wedding – a phrase which constitutes, basically, another example of “How You Are Never Truly Ever Prepared for Life”.

As we’ve discussed before, I live on the edge of civilization as I know it – the upper ‘burbs of Metro Atlanta (which is ever increasing its urban sprawl, so we’re always on the brink of a move farther North – sob – more on that later). 

Now down in the bubbling midst of the Metro area lives the Almighty Corporate Headquarters of Waffle House, Inc.,  bastion of 24-hour-available warm carbohydrates and processed cheese food so dear to the hearts of many.  Did you know that there are 1,500 Waffle House outlets in these United States?   I think you can pretty much find one nearby and wide open, anytime, in almost every state in the Union, save California, Alaska, and Hawaii and maybe Puerto Rico, although the latter is not officially “unionized”.

     Yes, I have been to Waffle House – three times total in my whole life.  Once because I didn’t know any better.  The second visit had to do with being extremely hungry (and somewhat inebriated) after the very late ending of an overtime Alabama football game, so that one doesn’t really count. The third visit was the result of curiosity getting the better of me – and it involved a lunch special, which was so special I don’t even remember what I ate.  But I do remember I vowed to never set foot – oh – you understand.

In keeping with my Personal Mission Statement to always find The Good in Everything (in order to ward off an Afterlife Spent In Hell), here goes:

1.  Kid Rock has gained much notoriety and publicity from a Waffle House visit, which no doubt boosted his income considerably.

2.  Waffle House always has plenty of parking available and is well lit inside.

Back the the wedding.  And – Oh Lord – it happened here in the Metro.  But you’ll be tickled to know that I do have wedding favors for the occasion!

Dacula, Georgia (please pronouce that correctly in your head – Dah CUE lah).  July 5, 2008

George “Bubba” Mathis and Pamela Christian, both aged 23 at the time, tied the knot in the parking lot of the Waffle House where both worked (I bet parking was a bit hard to find on that particular day).

Here’s a picture of Pamela just before the wedding with her hairdresser – everything must be perfect!

It was an unpretentious ceremony – under a shade tree, on the edge of the parking lot.  But the presence of the Good Lord, no doubt, was felt by all.   

 Dress for those in attendance was mostly casual, with a statement-bearing t-shirt being the couture du jour…

Found this while reading an article about a wedding at a waffle house. by SOLIDAGE.(no, I’m not making this up)

Waffle House graciously donated a few chairs for the VIPs, and a few sturdy plastic milk crates for the rest of the attendees,

and a cake cutting and traditional toast afterwards in the restaurant proper.

A properly “festivated” vehicle awaited them on their way to their honeymoon (say that right in your head – vee hick cull – sorta like “pickle”, with a long veeee in front).

There were attendants and flowers and a preacher and even a legal Certificate of Marriage, but no favors to speak of :(.   So in keeping with the whole culinary wedding ambiance, I suggest the following… 

Click the pic if you want to learn more

So today we’re celebrating Waffle House Weddings.  I’ve learned something new and hope you have too. 

If you’d like to read the whole cotton pickin story, courtesy of the Gwinnett Daily News, please click here:

If you want to know how many waffles, eggs and cups of coffee have been served at Waffle House since 1995, click here: (and you can search through the tabs at the top of the page for a Waffle House Job!).

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!  (lord help us)

BTW, is it wrong of me to assume that this could possibly be a blueprint for Jamie Lynn Spears upcoming wedding?  Eventually, maybe, or someday?